Venezuelan Defense Minister Rejects Accusations by ‘Scoundrel’ Colombian Officials

A resounding rejection was expressed by the Venezuelan Defense Minister, Vladimir Padrino López, faced with new statements by spokespersons of the Colombian government headed by Iván Duque, whom Padrino referred to as “scoundrels.”

Colombia’s statements were issued by the Colombian Defense Minister, Diego Molano, in reference to the recent attack carried out by Colombian paramilitary groups against Colombian policemen from the infamous Escuadron Móvil Anti-Disturbios (ESMAD), which resulted in 13 officials injured.

Iván Duque’s minister issued statements in which he claimed that the violent actions attributed to the Colombian guerrillas of the National Liberation Army (ELN), against a vehicle that was transporting 15 members of the Colombian Police, were planned in Venezuela. Similar accusations have been repeatedly issued by Colombian authorities, despite the fact that Venezuela has always shown an utmost concern for peace in Colombia. Colombian authorities also consistently omit mention of the reality that the Colombian civil war has lasted more than 60 years, while the Bolivarian Revolution has only been in power in Venezuela for the last 22 years.

“I believe that a psychotic dissociation is commonplace in the Colombian oligarchy, faced with its despair and failure,” said Venezuela’s Defense Minister Padrino. “Scoundrels!”

The Colombian war
In recent weeks, the war waged by Colombian armed groups for decades has intensified. This has caused dozens of families to flee from the department of Arauca, Colombia, to Venezuelan territory, where they receive social, medical, and logistical care.

In response to the tragic events, Colombian Defense Minister Molano announced a reward of one billion pesos for the head of the guerrilla known as “El Rolo,” whom he singled out as the leader of the ELN.

From Venezuela, other voices were added to Padrino’s repudiation of the accusations launched by the Duque administration against Venezuela. Venezuela’s national military institution confirmed its willingness to guarantee the defense of the Republic at any time and in any scenario.

“The Bolivarian National Armed Force (FANB) will no longer fall into these political theaters of the Colombian oligarchy,” the Capital Comprehensive Defense Region (REDI Capital) posted via Twitter. “We are noble, and we know how to defend ourselves. Venceremos.


Featured image: Venezuelan Minister for Defense Vladimir Padrino López. File photo.

(RedRadioVE) by José Manuel Blanco Díaz

Translation: Orinoco Tribune




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