Venezuelan Expert Lectures Guaido for Talking About What He Does Not Know

The self-proclaimed, Juan Guaidó, tried to ridicule the attack on the national hydroelectric system that affected the entire country with a blackout of more than 60 continuous hours (more, in some states), saying that the Guri Dam has a “analog system”. However, the engineer José Aguilar, who has been a detractor of the government and supports the coup led by Guaidó, questioned the deputy’s words when explaining that the Guri systems is not analogical and that it was like that only in the beginning (the 70’s).

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“There are pseudo-experts” saying that Guri could not be hacked because their systems are “analog” therefore obsolete: False! It is a system of the latest digital anti-hacking technology,” Aguilar wrote on his Twitter account.

“(It’s) an insult to the engineering of the great Edelca (currently Corpoelec) to say that Guri Control systems are analog,” he continued, while calling for “study” before talking nonsense .

Guiadó accused the Minister Jorge Rodriguez of having falsified the facts saying that “the sabotage was a hack to the system that controls the Transmission Core Network”, when in fact and in a precise way he said that “they attacked the automated system of the Guri”, that is, the generation.

He also tried to change the version of the attack to a forest fire that would have affected the transmission lines, to effect “damage control” and to divert the investigation in progress.

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It’s worth mentioning that President Chavez in 2009 launched the most radical technological update on the hydroelectric dam and modernized all the systems, and for that the Canadian Corporation ABB was hired. Several experts have charged that might be part of the security flaws in the system.

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Translated by JRE/EF%