Why Popular Rebellion in Chile and Ecuador and Not in Sanctioned and Blocked Venezuela

Why are there popular outbursts in Chile and Ecuador and not in Venezuela, sanctioned and blockaded? The question aggravates the G-4 (right wing Venezuelan political parties: VP, PJ, AD and UNT) and their bosses: the United States, the European Union and the lapdogs of the OAS. We will try, in order to help then, to entertain some answers.

  1. The social outbreak in Chile, like the 1989 Caracazo, was not planned in Washington, Miami or Madrid. Its conditions were born from the reality of that country. They are not the result of the mental straw of Latin American and Spanish presidents, or of any Lima or Madrid club or cartel. It sprouted in the communes, factories, high schools, universities, fields and mountains.

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  1. Those movements are not financed by USAID, that imperial para-organization that has been failing in Venezuela since the coup against Commander Hugo Chávez Frías (in 2002). Nor with the euros that the EU approves to destabilize a constitutional government and overthrow its President. The Chilean and Ecuadoran protests are not paid “guarimbas” (Venezuelan violent right wing protests). You pay that much, we burn that much.

  2. Where can these criminal and violent actions that are consumed in themselves lead? Mercenaries ask for cash. The lumpen too. Thugs and bandits too. Can you build success with these groups or individuals? Chile and Ecuador say you can not.

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  1. The thing about the “burundanga” (Scopolamine) is a macabre anecdote, but a story at bottom. The kick that a “guarimbero” nailed the deputy Olivares (Voluntad Popular) with for not paying off the criminal actions of the day is not. That accurate punch explains the failure of an action like the introduction of the so-called “humanitarian aid” from Colombia. This failed pretext for a military invasion had the participation of the United States, Colombia, the Lima Cartel, the OAS, international artists on the spot, the presence on the “battlefield” of three sad presidents (Duque, Abdo and Piñera), In addition to paracos (Los Rastrojos) and “guarimberos” who they wanted to rob and not pay for their dirty guarimba. They failed.
  2. In the next article I will finish up why there are outbreaks in those countries and peace in our homeland. For now, I leave this equation: while in Venezuela neoliberalism intends to overthrow a revolutionary government from the outside, in Chile and Ecuador the peoples fight from the inside to defeat neoliberalism.

Source URL: La IguanaTV

Translated by JRE/EF

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