22 Military Field Hospitals to be Set Up in the “Poliedro de Caracas” for Covid-19 Patients

Caracas, July 15, 2020.- Venezuelan president, Nicolás Maduro, reported having ordered the installation of military field hospitals in the Poliedro de Caracas, to take care of patients with Covid-19 in the capital city. “I ordered the setup of military hospitals in the Poliedro de Caracas due to the high outbreak in the capital,” said the Venezuelan head of state. He indicated that they will serve “to take care of asymptomatic cases. It is the method that we want to use.

He recalled that in Venezuela all cases are being hospitalized, even if they are asymptomatic, to prevent the virus from spreading and infecting relatives and neighbors. “If in any state we reach 80% occupancy of (hospital) beds, we must prepare ourselves,” he said.

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He reflected that until there is an effective vaccine against Covid-19, the Venezuelan state will continue to protect families in the country. He commented that the hopeful news of probable vaccines in Russia, China, the United States, and England seem to open a door to get rid of the Coronavirus, but as long as nothing is proven, Venezuela will maintain sanitary and epidemiological protection and prevention measures.

Colombia encouraged illegal passage of “trocheros”

Maduro also asserted that the government of Colombia is encouraging the illegal passage of compatriots through the so-called “trocheros” with the aim of infecting the country. “What I have said is that from Colombia they have favored the illegal passage of trocheros, to infect us with the coronavirus (…) I thank those who have entered legally,” said Maduro, noting that more than 70 thousand people have arrived in the country through the border with neighboring countries.

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The national president mentioned that the disinformation campaigns want to make people believe that the Venezuelan state is lashing out against compatriots who have fled Colombia, Brazil, Ecuador, Chile and Peru in the face of neglected coronavirus in those countries. However, the government continues to welcome them with open arms.

“Here they come and we take care of them for free, without distinction,” he said.

This Wednesday Venezuela reported 418 new cases due to Covid-19 for a total of 10,428 infected by the outbreak. Executive Vice President Delcy Rodríguez detailed that 276 cases are of community transmission and 142 are imported. There were 4 new fatalities, bringing the country to 100 deaths from the pandemic.

Featured image: Poliedro de Caracas. File photo.

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