Amb. Moncada’s Comments on DEA Corruption, Colombia and the United States

This Wednesday, the Venezuelan ambassador to the United Nations (UN), Samuel Moncada, said once again that the United States government continues to use drug trafficking as an excuse to attack Venezuela in association with Colombia.

This was stated through his twitter account, a platform in which he recalled that a prominent agent of the Drug Control Administration (DEA) recently confessed having collaborated with Colombian drug cartels, sharing information and laundering their money.

The Venezuelan ambassador referred to an AP new piece write by Joshua Goodman, very well know in Venezuela for being a US government stenographer and allied with the Venezuelan “gusanera” in Florida. The piece refers to Jose I. Irizarry, a DEA agent that pleaded guilty to 19 federal counts, including bank fraud and having diverted millions of dollars in drug proceeds from DEA control.

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Ambassador Moncada stressed that this is the link that unites the terrorist incursion into Venezuela on May 3, when Operation Gideon was carried out unsuccessfully.

This case of a federal agent working for Colombian drug traffickers is not the first to be registered, which is why Ambassador Moncada highlights that drug trafficking has already found its way into the US security agencies.

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“Colombia is the biggest cocaine exporter and the US is the biggest consumer in the world. The reason is drug cartels have penetrated the security agencies in charge of curbing crime in both countries. Now together they are preparing a new military aggression against Venezuela,” he added.

Colombia’s collaboration with the Southern Command and military operations in the neighboring country with the purpose of combating drug trafficking in Venezuela is a fallacy, since the Colombia-US relationship brings great commercial dividends in the field of drugs.

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