Another Scandal: Opposition Deputy Robbed of Suitcase Containing with 20 Thousand Euros

The opposition deputy of the National Assembly (in contempt) for Carabobo state, Leandro Domínguez, was a victim, on Saturday, November 29, of his trusted taxi driver, who stole a briefcase with 20,000 euros in cash and several documents .

The parliamentarian submitted the complaint in this regard to the Sub-Delegation of the Scientific, Criminal and Criminal Investigation Corps of Santa Monica, in Caracas, whose statement was registered under file K-19-2240-01407.

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“Maybe abroad it’s not such a big deal to hang around with a suitcase containing 20.000 Euros, but in Venezuela with a minimum wage of US$ 10, it’s more alarming than in other places. And deputies’ salaries are not far from the minimum wage,” a political expert said to OT.

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“The complainant said that the investigated citizen, using his condition as a taxi driver, managed to take a briefcase containing 20,000 euros in cash and various documents. It should be noted that through field investigations, the full identification of the vehicle used by the taxi driver was done, and it currently wanted by the police investigation and information system,” details the police report, cited by local media.

“The deputy Leandro Dominguez claimed his allowance as a wild card of the Comptroller’s Committee and a ‘pillo’ has stolen it as happened to his boss in Cúcuta,” posted the leader of the United Socialist Party (PSUV) of Venezuela, Francisco Ameliach on his twitter account.

Source URL: La IguanaTV with OT content

Translated by JRE/EF

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