Arreaza Denounces Peru’s Suspension of Return Flights to Venezuela

The Vuelta a la Patria plan flights scheduled for this Saturday from Peru were suspended due to problems with the supply of fuel by the multinational energy and petrochemical company Repsol, said the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Venezuela, Jorge Arreaza.

The “Vuelta a la Patria” program was launched by Maduro’s government to repatriate -for free- thousands of Venezuelans that had fallen into the media trap telling them that emigration was going to solve their problems. The program has repatriated to date more than 14 thousand Venezuelans mainly from Colombia, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, Argentina and Chile.

Through his account in the social network Twitter, the chief diplomat blamed the Government of Peru for this action, arguing that the fuel for the two planes of the airline Conviasa was paid in advance.

“We denounce Repsol for joining Trump’s criminal blockade against the Venezuelan people. I hope that the Government of Peru is consistent with its famous humanitarian discourse and resolves this situation so that we can return the 180 stranded compatriots [to Venezuela],” he said.

According to the Foreign Ministry of Venezuela, a total of 180 compatriots are harmed by this situation. Among them are 54 boys and girls, 35 adults and older adults, 7 pregnant women and 8 people with serious diagnoses.

At the end of this edition, it was announced that Repsol rectified its position and the flights are going to resume this Monday.

Source URL: La Iguana with OT content

Translated by: EF/JRE

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