Cape Verde Trends in Venezuela Due to Contradiction Between Alex Saab Case & Election

The ruling party of Cape Verde won the parliamentary elections on Sunday. The event was attended by international observers from ECOWAS, the organization that ordered the release of Venezuelan diplomat Alex Saab through its court.

Cape Verde’s government did not recognize the ECOWAS resolution, though it should ostensibly abide by it. Analysts say they have not done so due to pressure from the US regime.

This situation, in which the government of Cape Verde invited electoral observers of ECOWAS, but does not comply with their judicial decisions, triggered a widespread reaction by Venezuelans on social media networks.

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For users, the actions of the Cape Verdean authorities revealed a contradiction that made many suspicious about them not making their own decisions.

An unjust imprisonment
Since last year, the Venezuelan diplomat Saab has been illegally detained in that African country, and despite his diplomatic immunity, he is still being held in solitary confinement.

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The West African country is an unjust jail cell for Alex Saab, a prisoner of Washington’s maneuvers on the government of Cape Verde, who punish those who travel internationally and attempt to bypass the blockade to bring food to Venezuela.

In Venezuela a lengthy and widespread public campaign has voiced demands for Saab’s release. The movement has achieved such resonance that the promoters of the smears against the diplomat have claimed that it’s a network of bots paid by the Venezuelan government.

The clamor for his release has managed to overcome Saab’s stigmatization as an alleged “front man” of the “regime”—he is now seen as the special diplomatic agent employed by Venezuela to evade the straightjacket of the US blockade. For this reason more and more people are calling for an end to his detention.


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