Chavista Chronicles from Caracas with Jesus Rodriguez-Espinoza (Episode 12)

In this episode of Chavista Chronicles from Caracas (Sunday at 11:50 pm), we focus our effort on presenting several issues affecting Venezuelans this week. We will talk about the lame attempts from anti-Chavismo to heat the streets, then we will share our perspective on several international events in the region and beyond, and we will wrap up talking about our first anniversary celebration and our Facebook Livestream scheduled for Sunday, November 24th at 4:00 pm (Caracas Time), our call for donations and our recent work to tune in advertisement (temporally) and some adjustments we have made to the website.

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  • Opposition lost in its labyrinth
    • Lame Demonstrations
    • Lame Strikes

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  • International unrest ans how we see them from Venezuela
    • Elections: Bolivia, Argentina and Uruguay
    • Chile, Haiti and Ecuador Rebellions
    • Iraq and Lebanon
  • Orinoco Tribune Anniversary
    • Facebook Live-stream Sunday, November 24th
    • Donations needed
    • Advertisements and tech adjustments

We hope to see you next week.


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