Chile Under Protests, Looting, Curfew and Massive Repression (Images + Videos)

Caracas, Oct 22, 2019.- The Chilean head of National Defense, Javier Iturriaga del Campo, decreed a curfew this Saturday in the provinces of Santiago, Chacabuco and the communes of Puente Alto and San Bernardo, which will be in force until 7 pm on Sunday, reported Actualidad RT. The curfew was renewed on Sunday and Monday but massive protests are more active than ever.

In videos posted on the social network Twitter, you can see how police officers disperse protesters using live ammunition and countless images and videos of repression of all kinds.

A few took advantage of the protests to carry out acts of vandalism and looting.

President Piñera suspended the raise in subway fares in the city of Santiago. He said that “nobody has the right to act with brutal violence,” referring to the damage perpetrated in the subway stations of the capital, the burning of trains, buses, terminals and public transport stations,” according to Actualidad RT.

The use of repressive force and terrible economic conditions lived by Chileans, along with the arrogant and fascist behavior of the Chilean government spokespersons and law enforcement, have radicalized the protest all over the country and they are demanding “que se vayan todos”, they want the resignation of neoliberal Sebastian Pinera and the whole government.

As for yesterday the number of deaths in less than a week of protests -according to the Chilean Ministry of Interior- reached therteen, plus eight wounded by gunshots and 2150 detainees.

There is a new trend in social media today in which social movements are proposing a National Constituent Assembly to deal with all the problems in the Chilean society.

Here are some photos that show what happened and testimonials on Twitter:


The mayor of the Metropolitan Region of Santiago, Karla Rubilar, has confirmed at least three dead in a fire in a supermarket in the commune of San Bernardo.

Images and videos of severe and violent repression can be found all over twitter:

This woman saved herself saying she was the daughter of the sergeant:


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