Chilean Prosecutor: 23 Dead in Protests

Through its Twitter account, the Chilean Prosecutor’s Office notified about the number of deaths recorded during the protests that began 13 days ago.

The Chilean Prosecutor’s Office notified that the death toll during protests in this nation rose to 23, of which there is still a body found in a supermarket in the commune of Maipú, Santiago (capital).

According to the report of the judicial body, the deaths occurred in the context of the state of emergency decreed by President Sebastián Piñera on October 18.

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The Chilean Prosecutor’s Office said that five of the victims died due to State agents; another 16 during the alleged commission of common crimes and two more during detention at a police station.

Meanwhile, human rights organizations are reporting 1,305 wounded who have gone to hospitals, of which 402 were shot by pellets and 288 by unidentified firearm.

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Chilean protesters took to the streets 13 days ago to demand a change in the economic system of the nation, which does not now benefit the most vulnerable.

Although Chilean President Sebastián Piñera announced a change in his cabinet of ministers and suspended the curfew in the nation, mobilized Chileans are calling for a new Constitution.

Featured image: Human rights defenders account for a greater number of fatalities. | Photo: Reuters

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