Claudio Fermin: The President of Venezuela is Nicolas Maduro

“Here the President is called Nicolas Maduro,” said Tuesday the veteran opposition politician Claudio Fermin and chief of campaign for Henry Falcon in the last May presidential elections, as he invited the right wing sectors to “put your feet on the ground” addressing the issue of the alleged usurpation of power in the presidency of the republic; this in the response to actions carried out in the National Assembly in contempt where this Tuesday was approved an agreement on the “Usurpation of the Presidency” by the President Nicolas Maduro.


“But I want to alert, and I say it with great concern but I have also read a lot of slogans lately that I think you have to allow to touch ground: Guaidó, President of Venezuela; Guaidó, in charge of the Presidency. Where do you get that? Why do they do that to Guaidó? Do not realize that they are exposing it to a nonexistent scenario. Because all that is a consequence of the (false) premise according to which there is no president of Venezuela. Well, there is, “he commented on the television program “Vladimir a la 1”.


He criticized the fact that some people called for abstentionism from the ranks of the Venezuelan opposition during the last presidential race and stated that “it is a fact that Maduro won the election on May 20,” and continued: “Millions of people voted for him and that fact can not be unrecognized. “

The true is that during the night of Tuesday the social media in Venezuela was collapsed with all kind of calling for this veteran politician from accounts belonging to the opposition most extremist factors. Those who still believe this new narrative with the only hope of opening the path for a foreign intervention.

Source URL: La IguanaTV with information from OT

Translated by JRE/AR