CNE Evaluating a New Registration of Candidates Deadline Extension (Parliamentary Elections)

CNE vice president, Leonardo Morales, indicated that they will try to approve “one more deadline extension” so that the parties that have not done it yet, can reach an agreement to nominate their candidates.

A second extension for candidate registrations to run in the December 6 Parliamentary Elections looks imminent. Morales stressed that due to the requests presented by various political parties to extend the registrations of the candidates, they will carry out an evaluation of the incidents that may arise within the electoral schedule.

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The process was scheduled to finish this Wednesday, August 26, after it was extended on August 16. In an interview with Unión Radio, Morales said that they will try to approve an extension “one more time” so that the parties can reach an agreement to nominate their candidates.

On the night of Tuesday, August 25, the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ) announced the intervention of the “Bandera Roja” and “Compromiso Pais” parties, which join five other political organizations who’ve had interventions: AD, Primero Justicia, Voluntad Popular, Tupamaros and Patria Para Todos.

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These last judicial interventions opened the door for this new deadline extension in order to allow the registration of more candidates and allow the formation of alliances and reorganization of candidacies within the Venezuelan political ecosystem.

The president of the Electoral Power, Indira Alfonzo, has said that any measure taken in this regard will not endanger the electoral schedule.

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Translation: OT/JRE/EF

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