Communiqué of the Libyan People’s National Movement to the Peoples of ALBA-TCP

“We aspire to rehabilitate our historical relationship and build the bridges of our extension and fraternal contact with our brothers of the same trench in Latin America and the Caribbean.”

Your Excellencies Heads of States and Governments of ALBA:

Warm greetings,

While at your 19th summit in Caracas, please receive a warm greeting from us, the members of the Libyan People’s National Movement, which gathers in its ranks the supporters of the martyred leader Moammar Qaddafi. This organization was born from the Libyan people and its fighting majority who suffered all manner of tortures at the hands of the delinquent militias and illegal foreign interventions. We take the opportunity to greet you kindly in your present meeting as a step forward in the unification of your brotherly peoples in confronting the foreign imperialist interventions that our martyred leader Qaddafi used to urge and incite.

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At that time when we demand heavenly blessings to our eternal leaders Castro, Chavez, Qaddafi, Rosie Douglas, Bishop and many more who left their imprints in anti-imperialist struggle., we renew our repudiation and condemnation of the unwarranted intervention in internal affairs of Chavez’s Venezuela and Castro’s Cuba through the continuous blockade of Cuba.

In the face of all this we express our absolute solidarity and support to all the leftist forces of this solid strategic and historical alliance, likewise, we aspire to your solidarity and support with your brother Libyan people in their struggle to recover their usurped homeland, as well as our national task to rebuild our state as you knew it before in favor of freedom and justice.

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We aspire to rehabilitate our historical relationship and build the bridges of our fraternal outreach and contact with our brothers in the same fold in Latin America and the Caribbean.

A fraternal embrace.

-Libyan People’s National Movement
Dr. Mustafa Zaidi, Secretary General



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