Communist Party of Brazil Rejected Interference by the Lima Group Against Venezuela

The Communist Party of Brazil (PCdoB), from Brasilia, rejected the interventionist statements of the self-appointed “Grupo de Lima”, in which they do not recognize Nicolás Maduro as the legitimately elected President of the Republic Bolivariana de Venezuela for the period 2019-2025.

Likewise, the Party denounced that the government of Jair Bolsonaro violates the outstanding tradition of Brazil’s foreign policies, by disrespecting the principle of the free self-determination of peoples, and violating the capacity to resolve of conflicts peacefully, through dialogue, and diplomatic mechanisms.

The Group of Lima has been called by President Nicolás Maduro as a cartel, which operates outside International Law, infringing the free self-determination and sovereignty of States and even attempting against the territoriality of Venezuela, which are manifest in flagrantly in his statement on January 4.

Source URL: Alba Ciudad

Translated by JRE/AR