Could the US Deport Venezuelans? This is What Marco Rubio Said

US Senator Marco Rubio recently pointed out that the US regime will not be able to deport Venezuelans because there are no direct flights from that country to Venezuela.

The statements were offered after Donald Trump, ordered the conduct of raids to deport immigrants who remain illegal in Yankee territory.

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“The administration has not said that it will not do TPS (for Venezuelans living in the US), they have simply said that at this moment they can not do it. Second, the reality is that we can not deport Venezuelans because we do not have relations with the Maduro government and there are no direct flights to Venezuela, so that will not happen,” he said.

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He also stressed that “if some immigration agent does not know it, it is possible that if a Venezuelan comes to the interview for some other problem he has, he can be detained for two or three weeks and have a bad time, so the best way to avoid it is with a TPS which I have requested from the White House. ”

Source URL: La IguanaTV

Translated by JRE/EF

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