Criminal Groups Set on Fire the Cultural Center Robert Serra

This Monday night, hooded criminals burned down and destroyed the Robert Serra Youth House, located in La Pastora, Caracas, where the young leader and Congressman of the United Socialist Party lived. He was assassinated on October 1, 2014 with his partner María Herrera.

The incident occurred after a group of insubordinate low rank members of the Bolivarian National Guard conducted a set of events this Monday at dawn, including robbery of arms, the kidnapping of two officers and the diffusion of videos in social networks calling to not recognize President Nicolás Maduro, trying to portray an unexisting uprising against the Venezuelan government.

Although this group of soldiers was arrested after encountering strong resistance in the Guaraira Repano Special Security Unit in Cotiza, during the day there were few localized “guarimbas” or violent demonstrations in the streets, commanded by small groups of hooded youths in various parts of Caracas.

They started right in Cotiza, from where the rebels were arrested. These violent outbreaks, carried out by very small groups of people, included the blocking of roads, the burning of garbage and public goods and the call to “carerolear”, and they were extended on Monday night to places such as Fuerzas Armadas Avenue, Los Mecedores , Pinto Salinas and other places west of Caracas.

One of the videos broadcast this Monday night by the violent demonstrators themselves shows the moment when hooded youth throw Molotov cocktails inside the Robert Serra Youth House, starting the fire.

Another of the videos shows the fire and the voices of some of the alleged perpetrators of the fire are heard.

Unofficially it was known that the organizers of these protests were members of the rightwing party Popular Will (Voluntad Popular), to which the deputy Juan Guaidó belongs, who claims to be president of the National Assembly in contempt.

It is important to note that political leaders of this and other parties, for several weeks now are publicly calling on military personnel to rebel against the government of President Maduro. The National Assembly, despite its condition of contempt, issued on January 15 several “agreements” ignoring the legitimate President Nicolás Maduro, calling the military rebellion and foreign intervention under the figure of “humanitarian aid.” On Monday, the Supreme Court of Justice issued a new ruling stating that all these agreements are unconstitutional, and that the Parliament has no valid board of directors for being in contempt since 2017.

Wide rejection

The fire generated widespread repudiation between leaders and spokespersons of the Bolivarian revolution. The Minister of Popular Power for Culture, Ernesto Villegas, described the fact of “cultural crime” through his Twitter account, in which he shared images of what the house looked like before it was set on fire.

Pedro Carvajalino, anchor of the TV program Zurda Konducta, wrote: “They burned the House of Robert Serra! They were always united by their hatred against that symbol and reference! They will pay us that and all! We have not left yet… “.

Mayerlin Arias, Minister of Popular Power for Urban Agriculture and friend of the deceased congressman, wrote: “Robert Serra is an indestructible legacy of revolutionary struggle, commitment to the Fatherland and Commander Chávez. Although fascism attacks it is impossible to erase history. They could not defeat him in life, that’s why his name, his legacy and his army of young people terrifies them because they multiply his legacy”. Arias also denounced the destruction of a monument dedicated to the independence hero José Félix Ribas, located in La Pastora.

“The same people who yesterday tweeted horrified by the violence in Ecuador today applaud the burning of the home of Robert Serra and ask that they burn those of all the Chavistas,” wrote in a twit Manuel Azuaje.

Carlos Sierra, a journalist and former congressman, youth leader of the PSUV and friend of the young man murdered in 2014, wrote: “Robert Serra will be Alive forever! Whatever the Fascist groups do, they will not be able to erase his legacy or that of Chávez! We will defeat them one and thousand times! Like the fenix bird! We continue working hard with Nicolás Maduro and Diosdado Cabello. “

UCV professor Miguel Alfonzo wrote: “Every flame provoked in the home of Robert Serra will be the light for many who will begin to see the hatred that reigns in the souls of the violent. The ashes that remain will be fertilizer of the revolutionary love that Robert expressed to his people and will reap more fruits”.

Source URL: Alba Ciudad

Translated by JRE/AR

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