Decalogue to identify “original Chavistas” (new opposition category)

By Augusto Márquez

Changing political sides, for whatever reasons and in any context, never happens without producing criticisms and accusations.

In the case of the chavista that “jumps the talanquera” [jumps to the other side], Venezuelan expression used to describe who became a violent oppositionist suddenly, always carries a bitter taste. Not because it hurts or bothers to betray what you once were, but because everyone will take care of reminding you.

In recent years this has happened several times and with many different characters, however, the ways of self-calling after grabbing the return to the end of the highway have changed. And one can not say that it has lacked inventiveness.

Now they are looking to show a talanquera jump as “something natural”, “forced by circumstances”, as a “return to the original keys of Chavism”, a kind of third way between “the ruling party” and the opposition, when everyone here knows that in politics you simply are or not are. And end of the story.

To see themselves as more chavistas than Chávez, to pass through criticism what is in reality a projection of their frustrations, or a superiority complex, are part of their daily catechism.

But remembering Chavez saying “por mas que se tongonee se le ve el bojote” – this new individual always leaves traces that end up making them visible as they really are.

  1. Self-criticize the other. Any “Chavista originario” that is respected is super critical. Always self-criticizes the other, never himself. Accepting a mistake is simply not in his/her repertoire. If it were to happen, it is so revolutionary that nothing happens: his/her moral superiority is such that it is beyond good and evil. His/her immunity against the criticism of others comes in a jar: he calls “enchufado” [with connections with government officials] to whoever does it and that’s it. End of story.

  2. Paranoia. The “Chavista originario” who held high or middle positions within the government will always say that he was ready, so close, to make the revolution real and true. He just lacked time. When he is questioned because his management went unnoticed, including huge cases of corruption, the “original Chavista” will say that a huge conspiracy thought with treachery from Miraflores impeded his plan to conquer socialism in a matter of months.

  3. Superiority complex. Considering it an activity of people subjugated and inferior, the “original Chavista” does not load CLAP boxes, nor does it organize census for the Carnet de la Patria, and does not have organic leadership in community organizations. He is too important to do such inconsequential activities as helping to guarantee the food of millions of families. The “Chavista originario” is made for big things, that of contributing a grain of sand to the process that he claims to represent in his deepest values does not go with him.

  4. Politics is a matter of Twitter. In this same order of ideas, the “Chavista originario” lives permanently in social networks. For him it is the most effective way to mobilize the masses and clarify, one by one, my God!!!, that the Maduro government implies the betrayal of Chávez’s legacy [sarcasm]. He does not go out to the street or organize a Communal Council, because his things are the “likes”. That’s where the real policy is. On this, a difficult contradiction is presented to the “Chavista originario”: it is difficult to question the government subsidy at the price of the Internet, which allows him to be critical of the government all day.

  5. That of [the economic] war is pure rhetoric. Neither the attempted assassination against Maduro, nor the economic sabotage, much less the open threats of military intervention by the United States, managed to change the opinion of the “Chavista originario”. For him, ALL THE EVIL THAT HAPPENS IN VENEZUELA IS THE BLAME OF THE NON-ORIGINAL CHAVISMO, that is, the false and madurista one. All actions against the peace of the country are pure bluffing. For the “Chavista originario”, irrefutable evidence of the blockade on the import of medicines is one thing, and quite another is that the population can not get them.

  6. Victimization syndrome. Of all of us, who live the sorrows of hyperinflation and the loss of salary, it is the “original Chavismo” who suffers the most. He/she is the main victim. But that does not stop him/her, at the same time that they are projected as the most affected by the economic situation, they inexplicably highlight their tiny street demonstrations, their thousands of hours of digital activism and their media tours.

  7. The legacy [of Chavez] is me. For the “Chavismo originario”, Chávez’s legacy is the most important. However, the thousands of hours that the Comandante invested in preparing us for the war that was coming, such as the speeches where the “chavistas originario” were portrayed and applauded in some Alo Presidente.” For the “Chavista originario” the legacy is everything: his immune system to avoid questions about cases of corruption and political mistakes made during their time in position of power.

  8. So close to María Corina [Machado, opposition princess]. The “chavismo originario” is trying to find a voice of his own under which to do politics, but that space is found very close to María Corina Machado. The cliché of the “dictatorship” has been re-named as “authoritarian government”, which in the end identifies him/her with the original opponents of Chavez who they claim to represent. Seeking to “overcome polarization”, generate a “broad chavismo” that organizes all those who do not feel represented by the MUD or the PSUV, IE. paramilitary cells, guarimberos, fanatics of Óscar Pérez and other sectors isolated by polarization.

9 The blockade, another Maduro lie. For the “originario “, the economic and financial blockade, which has prevented the entry of food and hard currency to the country, is just another Maduro ploy. Everything is part of a very elaborate strategy of justification, which covers the inability of the government to overcome the obstacles of the international financial system and to bring basic goods to the population at the risk of the money being seized. Once again Maduro proves not to be brave enough to bring medicines and food using the accounts that the Treasury Department already has marked and is are about to be closed.

  1. The proposal is criticism and dependence not assumed. Do not expect from the “Chavismo originario” serious and solid proposals to get out of the quagmire. The comfortable criticism is the proposal itself. What more did they want? If they run for the elections and come out defeated, it is because fraud was committed, not because they do not have support. If they call a march and nobody goes, it’s because they censor them. They are always right. The “chavismo originario” is autonomous and revolutionary, it will not be confused. That most of his fanatics work (or worked) for the State does not mean that they depend on him or that there is a contradiction between their speech and their practice. They are there to conquer spaces and build the socialism that is anxiously awaited in all the ministries of this country. Do not criticize them, remember, they are better than you.

Original source: Mision Verdad

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