Diosdado Cabello: We Met With the Red Cross and Authorized the Entry of Medical Supplies (+ Video)

The vice president of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), Diosdado Cabello, confirmed that the Venezuelan government met with the Venezuelan Red Cross and was the one who authorized them to deliver medical supplies to Venezuela. “It is being delivered because the Bolivarian government allows it. Because the Bolivarian government opened the doors, and that helps the peace in the country. If that helps so that the madness of those people (the opposition leadership) leaves their brains and they begin acting reasonably, very well! This is happening exclusively because the national government has allowed it, it has been like that, just because we are allowing it”, he said during a major demonstration in defense of peace in Venezuela this Saturday in Caracas.

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On Friday, the president of the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (FICR), Francesco Rocca, reported that an operation to deliver “humanitarian aid” by the Red Cross will seek to bring medical supplies to 650,000 people and they will begin delivery in fifteen days.

In this regard, Cabello rejected that such assistance is an achievement of the opposition, as they tried to make out, using their spokesmen and opposition leaders. “That has nothing to do with them (the opposition) trying to move some trucks and burning them, it has nothing to do with that!”, said Cabello, referring to the events that occurred on February 23, when violent clashes of the opposition tried to forcibly drive trucks into the country with alleged humanitarian aid from Colombia . “That has to do with a disposition of the national government, jointly with the Red Cross.”


Cabello indicated that, although it is not up to him to announce it because he is not part of the Executive, President Nicolas Maduro mentioned on Wednesday that meetings were being held with the Red Cross. The organization announced on Friday that they will deliver the medical supplies themselves to the population directly “without interference” from any political group.

On Friday, the Venezuelan government announced the delivery of 65 tons of medical supplies from China.

Meetings with the opposition are maintained
Cabello also pointed out that “there are meetings with the opposition every day, still! Because not all sectors of the opposition are crazy and this country needs a real opposition. And many of those who walk in those follies, divided from those same groups, also ask us to speak. ”

He indicated, questioned by a journalist, that there are also talks between the government and sectors of Popular Will (Voluntad Popular).

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“Today you can say with absolute seriousness that there are meetings with absolutely all political sectors. Everyone! And when they know there are meetings with a group, those who did not participate immediately begin to ask why we did not invite them.”

Diosdado Cabello explained that on Saturday there are demonstrations throughout the national territory. “The revolutionary forces are deployed in each state and each region, there are acts of swearing in the state political teams of the PSUV and all of them are accompanied by a mobilization march of the political teams of the parishes, the UBCh, the crews of defenders of peace”. He pointed out that popular mobilization is one of the factors that have prevented the right from achieving its objectives against the government of Nicolás Maduro.

On the threats of Juan Guaidó to make a “simulacrum” called Operation Freedom for April 6 and a “definitive march” on the 21st, he indicated that “he cheats his own people” by announcing military interventions and then not asking for them. “What we can assure you is that those who ask for military or political intervention, will be treated as enemies of the Homeland when events of that nature occur. They will see what they do, where they will go, but they will be treated that way because they are forces contrary to the interests of the nation.” He indicated that “we are going to defend the Homeland from whoever, wherever, whenever and however it is”.

“If we are not afraid of American imperialism, why should we be afraid of those who from here, from Venezuela, are trying to subvert order and change the decision of a people who voted on May 20 for Nicolás Maduro as President?”. He reiterated that the only Venezuelan President is Nicolás Maduro, and that nowhere in our Constitution does it say that the United States can designate one.

On the recent denunciations made by Freddy Bernal about the entry of paramilitaries into the country by the Tachira border, he indicated that it is not strange that in Colombia paramilitary actions are being tried, that they could enter the country, but “we will make their lives impossible so that they can not leave our homeland. ” He said that in 20 days there have been attacks on the National Electric System and the emotional stability of Venezuelans, “that have no water, electricity or services, and there is that people standing, ready to continue fighting.”

Peace Crews and Communal Organization
Cabello also pointed out, about the social movements that are being organized as crews of peace, that “we are preparing to defend ourselves against any enemy. It is the responsibility of every Venezuelan to defend our country. ”

Before the accusations by private media and journalists of being supposed paramilitary groups, it indicated: “I am the face (of those groups). And when someone covers their face, it is because they live in a community where there are people who have burned alive human beings, and the identity of those who are willing to defend the Homeland must be protected. Whose is it? Of those who burn living human beings, of those who put snipers to kill, of those who put metal wires so that those who ride on a motorcycle are killed. So that does not bother us. We are not going to fall into blackmail. We have the crews of peace advocates, the popular units of integral defense and the militias: We have 2,100,000 militiamen, organized. ”

He ironically said that he does not understand why they worry so much, if they say “they are two million one hundred thousand old people”, and recommended rather that they not underestimate us.

Regarding the case of Roberto Marrero, he indicated that there are arrests and denunciations, recordings and plans of attack, and “as a government we are obliged to have that investigation come to an end”.


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