Elliott Abrams Contradicts Guaido on Calling for US Invasion (Art. 187)

The special US envoy for Venezuela, Elliot Abrams, said on Thursday that he considers the activation of Article 187 of the Venezuelan Constitution (CRBV) in which foreign missions are requested to enter the Venezuelan territory premature.

Most Venezuelan legal specialists have made clear that this Article only applies after a request is made by the President, with his cabinet’s approval, and in the spirit of peace-keeping missions and not military invasions as wished by Venezuelan right-wingers.

“The situation is getting worse in Venezuela every day, but I do not think that in Europe, Latin America, Canada, or the United States we are thinking at this moment of a military reaction”,  he said in an interview with the Colombian news outlet Radio Caracol.

Abrams did not miss the opportunity to use the  phrase most commonly used by the Washington War Gang: “All options are on the table”. However, what was said by Abrams on Thursday contradicts what was said by deputy Guiadó on the possibility of activating this article of the Venezuelan Constitution.

This statement generated immediate reaction from the Venezuelan extreme right-wing politicians, like Maria Corina Machado who posted on her twitter account: “This statement shows that the timing from our allies might differ from ours…today more than ever we should pressure for “international assistance” to be rushed, that is why 187.11″.


Source: OT with La IguanaTV content



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