Fact by Fact: Attempted Coup in Venezuela. April 30, 2019

In the early hours of this Tuesday, April 30, a small group of soldiers went to the Altamira dealership, on the Francisco Fajardo highway in Caracas, along with deputy Juan Guaidó and Leopoldo López (who was released by traitorous custodians in the FANB) from where they called to their supporters to take the streets of Caracas to start a new coup attempt in Venezuela.

As a background to this new coup attempt, there is the withdrawal of Venezuela from the Organization of American States (OAS), the tightening of geopolitical alliances with Russia, China and the indisputable disinflation of Juan Guaidó. In a new desperate attempt to project that he “fulfills” his “presidential functions”, and that he has control over the FANB, he has provoked this last-minute recourse to try to change the correlation of forces, calling the coup through social networks, with the aim of precipitating chaos, violence and collective anguish.

Here then, our analysis fact by fact and in real time of the situation:

  • Ravell gives the starting shot (05:13 a.m.)

The businessman and fugitive Alberto Federico Ravell “director of the presidential communication”, in the early hours of the morning gave the starting shot of the coup. He announced that Leopoldo López and Juan Guaidó, together with a group of soldiers, maintained “control of the air base of La Carlota”, in what would be “the definitive phase of the coup d’état in progress”, which they called “cessation of the usurpation. ”

  • Juan Guaidó says to be in La Carlota: lie (06:00 am)

Surrounded by some soldiers, Juan Guaidó indicated they had effective possession of the La Carlota air base, while calling for demonstrations to support a new attempt at open insurrection. Minutes after that statement, it was confirmed that the base area in question is safeguarded by the FANB and the “civilian” actors of the coup are in the Altamira distributor.

  • Diosdado Cabello and the high command of the FANB clarify (06:47 am)

Diosdado Cabello and Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino López affirmed that the military bases of the country are calm while the narrative of the coup persists in projecting a situation of generalized uprising. The focus of the maneuver in Altamira seeks to prefigure itself, again, as the epicenter of a new cycle of violence while waiting for the “media effect” to mobilize the United States’ frontal support to sustain the operation. The blow is by media, first of all.

  • Warnings from the National Government to the coup plotters (07:29 a.m.)

In a new contact with the state media, the president of the National Constituent Assembly reports that “there will be progressive use of force, they have been notified of what we are going to do, they will see what they do, many of them have returned. These follies have no place in this country, we are going to defeat them and they are going to be treated like some putschists, who must assume their responsibility. ” In the same way, he called on the Venezuelan people to take to the streets and the Miraflores Palace in defense of the Bolivarian Constitution.

  • Duque reaffirms his support for the operation (08:00 am)

On his Twitter account, the Colombian president accompanies the call of the coup, while his foreign minister calls an emergency meeting of the Lima Group. Both movements not only reaffirm the support of the Colombian State for an intervention or military coup in Venezuela, but it will also advance in creating conditions for an international inflection point that prefigures conditions favorable to the breaking of the Venezuelan constitutional order by force.

  • They deny that Major General Ornelas Ferreira has joined the coup (08:12 a.m.)

The journalist of the international television network TeleSUR reported from her account on the social network Twitter that the information that opposition journalists put out earlier on the alleged betrayal of Major General Ornelas Ferreira, Chief of Staff of the FANB, was false. The journalist said: “I just spoke with Major General Ornelas who stated that it is a campaign” I am in the CEO with the Admiral in Chief Ceballos. It is totally false. We are knee-deep with Commander in Chief Nicolás Maduro and we remain loyal to our country. ”

  • The forces of public order move forward to control the situation in the Altamira Distributor (09:30 am)

Bombardment detonations are reported by the forces of public order in the Altamira Distributor, after Juan Guaidó called on “demonstrators” to serve as human shields for the military deserters who are in the vicinity of the La Carlota air base. Quickly the operation has lost the surprise factor, opening the way to the chaotización of the informative (media) agenda while trying to generate the conditions of violence that oxygenate the new coup attempt.

  • First lieutenant of the army narrates how conspirated officers tried to deceive them (10:30 am)

The first lieutenant of the army, Jairo Betermini, from inside La Carlota, narrates  to journalist Madelein Garcia how her unit, stationed at the headquarters of SEBIN in El Helicoide, was asked yesterday April 29 that at around 6 pm they were ordered to search for “patriotic uniforms” (gala) to receive decorations and “news that would change our lives”. At 3 am today, 30, the order was to find rifles indicating that he was going to take the penitentiary center of Tocorón (Aragua state) “because they had brought in a thousand rifles and were going to get the prisoners out against the people” . The agreed meeting point, according to the officers who inform the Betermini unit, would be in Altamira, where FAES, Sebin and the army would be concentrated. When they arrived at the site they were given the blue bracelets, they received the instruction to block the adjacent highway. ”

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The lieutenant’s testimony offers what could be one of the key methodological elements of the ongoing coup process: mobilization of units summoned by deception by superiors with troop operative command, signaling a false objective, taking them to the points of concentration previously agreed upon by the involved in the attempted coup, betting that once revealed the real plans have the strength to take critical points or military places. If you do not prosper, literally bet with them so as not to lose the general initiative and, from there, produce the story that shapes the informative battlefield towards the idea of ​​an effective coup in process, since it is sustained by international media and social networks. Simulation of occupation of military posts, deformation of numbers and situations under (pretended) control and enabling the political / civil society component to convey the idea of ​​general insurrection.

Source URL: Misión Verdad

Translated by EF

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