Film Director Toured Venezuela for a Month and This is What she Found

Carolina Graterol affirms that she was able to observe “a country hit by sanctions”.

Filmmaker Carolina Graterol and cameraman Alan Gignoux toured Venezuela for a month to shoot a documentary about the country’s reality. After that experience, the director told the American financial blog ZeroHedge that ” Juan Guaidó is the most hated man in Venezuela.”

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In a dialogue with RT, she added that they visited “many cities” and traveled 5,000 kilometers within Venezuelan territory. “We did not find people sleeping on the street, we did not find people eating garbage, in fact we saw very clean cities ,” she said.

However, she clarified that she could observe “a country hit by sanctions”. “I really wanted to see what was happening, what the economic war is and how it is explained,” said Graterol, noting that they sought to collect for the film “evidence of how the economic war is, internally -caused by a sector of the businessmen- and also externally “.

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Regarding the Venezuelan people , she defined it as “people with very high entrepreneurship energy”. And finally, pointed out that something that caught her attention were “the houses of the Housing Mission”, of which “2,500,000 houses have been built since 2011”. “We saw them everywhere, we were very impressed with the quality,” she concluded.

Source URL: Actualidad RT 

Translated by JRE/EF


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