* First ultimatum of the year

By Earle Herrera.-

After an ultimatum, there is nothing more, everything has been exhausted: dialogue, mediation, bridges and sweet talks. But in Venezuela it is not like that, thanks to an opposition that does not believe in etymology.

Since 1999 they have been putting the date of departure of the government and, if not, to be subject to the consequences. Because of that on January 10 will run without appeal the first ultimatum of the new year, but announced from the old year.

The ultimatum has its familiar correlate in the phrase “I will not tell you again”. The creole songs summed it up in the verse in extremis by Ernesto Luis Rodríguez: I’m playing Rosalinda! [Venezuelan humor]

In the annals of the Venezuelan humor we lost the account of the times that the Venezuelan right has played this game. By January 10 they swear that with the support of Duque, Bolsonaro and the blessing of Trump, this ultimatum will be the last, worth the redundancy that we hope will be the last.

Our opposition -because it is ours, although Almagro wants to take it- became addicted to the ultimatums, to put a term on the pods, to shout “you are done Maduro”. The great José Alfredo Jiménez created an answer for those constant threats with the verse: “You’re big, you know what you’re doing.” The political parties Vente Venezuela, Voluntad Popular and the sect of Ledezma, better known as “The ethical father-in-law”, are plagued by the ultimatum’s abstinence syndrome.

That’s why they’re throwing one or even three at a time. The philosopher Manuel Rosales says that this is something like a “pepera” [Venezuelan slam for infatuation].

The historians thought that former president Chávez was insurmountable in matters of ultimatums, but with Maduro occurred the case of the student that surpasses the teacher, at least in that subject. From the very night of his election, the right shouted to the new President: “That’s it for you!”, When it had not yet begun.

The psychiatrists maintain that addiction to the ultimatum is curable, or at least controllable. Even Mrs. (Maria Corona) Machado can recover from that thing, even before January 10.

The key is to determine if the proportion of the ultimatum corresponds to your strength to make it happen. If you specify and accept it, you will never threaten what you can not fulfill. And before you will open the path that can reconvert you into something very simple: a normal person

Earle Herrera

Journalist / Professor UCV

Source URL: Ultimas Noticias

Translated by JRE

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