Former National Assembly Deputies Pocketed 18 Million Dollars

Anti-Chavista Deputy José Brito denounced that parliamentarians of the outgoing National Assembly (AN) appropriated resources amounting to $18 million that were used to finance the law firm hired by the “interim government” of Juan Guaidó for the recovery of Venezuela’s assets abroad.

“They have themselves been both the payers and the payees,” Brito censured the deputies of the outgoing AN who had approved a delegated commission that issued instructions to deliver the money to the lawyers in charge of supposedly recovering the assets of the nation seized or frozen in foreign countries.

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In an interview on Venezolana de Televisión (VTV), the Deputy Brito pointed out that Guaidó’s fake parliament under the figure of the interim office approved the transition statute to give viability to the plans to overthrow President Nicolás Maduro, which ended up being a façade to “loot and plunder the resources of the nation”.

In the new National Assembly with a Chavista majority, Brito is a member of the commission that will investigate the crimes committed against the Republic during the last five-year parliamentary term.

In this regard, the deputy announced that the first to be called for the hearing will be the Attorney General Tarek William Saab and the president of the Supreme Judicial Tribunal (TSJ), Maikel Moreno, who will inform the committee about the status of the investigations that are being carried out regarding the negotiations that right-wing leaders executed to appropriate the resources of the State.

He added that the committee will thoroughly investigate the destination of the money that was delivered for alleged humanitarian aid.


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