Former Peruvian President Asks that Pedro Castillo’s Victory Be Finally Proclaimed

Former Peruvian Head of State Ollanta Humala (2011-2016) today requested the proclamation of the leftist Pedro Castillo, winner at the June 6 presidential elections, as the new President of the Republic.

“The proclamation of Pedro Castillo cannot be delayed any longer,” wrote the former president, one of Castillo’s rivals in the first round of elections on April 11, in a Twitter post.

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“The official results point to Pedro Castillo as president,” he added. “Sowing doubts about a process internationally recognized as transparent is not democratic. It does a lot of damage to the country and its institutions.”

He thus rejected the claims by the defeated candidate Keiko Fujimori, who is requesting the annulment of thousands of votes from poor areas of the country in which her rival won by a wide margin, in order to reverse the result of the official count that was unfavorable to her.

Fujimori’s lawyers also seek an international audit of the presidential election and are carrying out other maneuvers to pressure, discredit, and paralyze the electoral organization of Peru, that has rejected their claims due to lack of evidence.

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Added to this are manifestos by retired military personnel, one of which led to the initiation of an investigation by the Public Ministry for possible sedition and other crimes, because the signatories asked the commanders of the Armed Forces not to recognize the next government if Fujimori’s claims were not respected.

In addition, recordings have now surfaced of the infamous Vladimiro Montesinos making phone calls from prison, allegedly to influence magistrates in the Peruvian Electoral Court to accept the unfounded claims of Keiko Fujimori and the right-wing groups that support her. “Influencing” in this case means bribing the judicial authorities, a crime that already landed Montesinos behind bars, but apparently does not prevent him from continuing his manipulations under the eyes of all Peruvian institutions and the population.


Featured image: Peruvian President-elect Pedro Castillo celebrating his victory with his followers. File photo.

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