Get to Know the Communal Cities Law Draft—In English & Spanish

In Venezuela at this time, public consultations are being carried out throughout the country for the drafting of the Communal Cities Law. According to its explanatory memorandum, this bill seeks to “develop a new legal framework, which aims to strengthen citizenship and recognize unity in the diversity of communal territories, functional units determined by their geo-historicity and the identity of their inhabitants, in order to consolidate and expand the new social, political, and organizational processes.”

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It seeks to strengthen the laws of People’s Power so that “the organized people participate and expand their ability to decide on public policies from the territorial point of view, in accordance with the system of People’s Power Laws.”

At Orinoco Tribune we decided—due to the importance of this law—to work on an unofficial translation of the law for our readers. Please be advised that this is an unofficial translation and may contain errors or inconsistencies. We urge you to download (or view) the law and get to know it:

• In English: Communal Cities Bill—Orinoco Tribune’s unofficial translation (GoogleDoc)

• In Spanish : Proyecto de Ley Orgánica de las Ciudades Comunales (Communal Cities Bill)—official (PDF)



Featured image: Venezuelan National Assembly working on the Communal Cities Law. File photo.

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