#GuaidoCosmicDust Trending Topic in Venezuela

The night of Friday, December 6th 2019 became the night of the official political death of the self-proclaimed “interim president” of Venezuela, Voluntad Popular deputy, Juan Guaido.

After two weeks of corruption scandals exploding in his face, like the one called the “Diplomatic Coup”, when he fired his “ambassador” in Bogota Humberto Calderon Berti, and then later old complaints were revived of corruption known as the Cucutazo or Guaido-Gate.

Additionally, the scandal of influence trafficking with Colombia and the US Treasury in which the same Guaido might be implicated after leading -a few years back- the Comptroller Commission in the Venezuelan National Assembly, the anti-Chavista deputy case where a suitcase containing 20,000 Euros was stolen by his taxi driver, and lately the rebellion of an important group of anti-chavista deputies saying that they can not stand Guaido anymore and won’t vote for his re-election on January the 5th, 2020.

Yesterday, Marco Rubio gave a statement to VOA and said that in the event that next year (January 5th), Juan Guaidó is not re-elected as president of the National Assembly, they [the US] will respect the decision taken by Parliament.

“We recognize the only democratically elected entity in Venezuela that is the AN, and we will respect the decision they make through the vote,” he said. It could be another irrelevant Marco Rubio statement but the scenario changed a few hour later.

Today, Friday December the 6th, Michael Kozak, US Assistant Secretary of State, during a press conference in the Department of State put the ribbon around the box. “Our support has been to democratic institutions not to Juan Guaido as a person, but as the elected president of Venezuelan National assembly. We will support anyone who occupies that position.”

“A naive person looking at this, might think, the US is withdrawing its support of Guaido because if all his mistakes, but in reality this is a defeat of a US promoted “regime change” operation in Venezuela and should be evaluated as that. Only they are responsible for having Guido there and all the mistakes he and his inner circle have commited,” said an international expert to OT.

Just a few hours before finishing this note, #GuaidoEsPolvo (Guaido is Dust) was among the top 5 twitter trending topics in Venezuela but was later replaced by #GuaidoEstasDespedido (Guaido You Are Fired), right now the number 1 trending topic in Venezuela.


#GuaidoCosmicDust Trending Topic in Venezuela