Jet Fuel Supply in Venezuela is Normal: Venezuela’s Airlines Association

The executive president of the Association of Airlines of Venezuela, Humberto Figuera, affirmed that “up to now” the sanctions on the supply of fuel in Venezuela, have not affected the sector.

Yesterday Reuters made public some reports about contacts made by US regime to major jet fuel trading houses in order to restrain them from selling this strategic product to Venezuela.

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“So far in Venezuela the supplying of fuel for airlines is being done with total normality,” he said.

He indicated that despite the lack of hydrocarbon for land transport, “there is no problem” for national and international airplanes to be supplied.

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He commented that because of the distance between Venezuela and the European countries, their planes are loaded with fuel when they arrive in the country.

Figuera did express concern about the political situation and commented that he expects US sanctions will not affect the sector.

Source URL: La IguanaTV

Translated by JRE/EF

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