Know the New Air Fare Prices in Venezuela after Recent Devaluation

This Tuesday, September 10, Laser Airlines, Rutaca Airlines and Conviasa, published the new fares on national routes after a recent increase with fares ranging from 212 thousand bolivars (US$ 9.55) to 459 thousand bolivars (US$ 20.68), depending on the domestic destination in Venezuela.

According to data published by digital portals, Laser Airlines established the Caracas-Maracaibo ticket at 427,000 bolivars (US$ 19.23), at 377,000 bolivars (US$ 16.98) to Porlamar (Margarita Island); 446,000 (US$ 20.10) to El Vigía; 459,000 (US$ 20.68) to La Fría; 341,000 (US$ 15.36) to Barquisimeto; and Puerto Ordaz 433,000 bolivars (US$ 19.50).

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While Rutaca Airlines announced the new fares of its tickets, highlighting the price of 230,000 bolivars (US$ 10.36) for tickets to Porlamar, 261,000 bolivars (US$ 11.76) for Ciudad Bolivar, 212,000 (US$ 9.55) for Barcelona and its only international destination to Trinidad and Tobago at 225 US dollars.

On the other hand, Conviasa set a price of 310,000 bolivars (US$ 13.96) to Porlamar, 350,000 bolivars (US$ 15.77) to Las Piedras, 242,000 (US$ 10.90) to Maturín, the regular for Puerto Ordaz at 250,000 (US$ 11.26) and the special at 334,000 (US$ 15.05), at 380,000 (US$ 17.12) for Santo Domingo del Táchira, at 360,000 (US$ 16.21) to El Vigía, 460,000 (US$ 20.72) to Puerto Ayacucho and 360,000 bolivars (US$ 16.21) to La Fría.

For most Venezuelans these prices are unreachable but for international travelers these prices are a bargain.

Source URL: La IguanaTV

Translated and edited by JRE/EF

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