López Obrador Calls Mexicans to Join Forces Against Covid-19

Through a video published on YouTube, the Mexican president gave an assessment to citizens about the coronavirus pandemic in the country.

The president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, urged the population to stay at home to avoid infections due to the Covid-19 pandemic and to follow the recommendations of the health authorities to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Through a video published on the YouTube platform, the Mexican president from Nayarit, western Mexico, gave an assessment to his fellow citizens about the coronavirus pandemic in the country.

With information received from Mexico City, the president emphasized the need “to redouble our dedication, our sacrifice, our obedience so that we can all stop, face, and succeed against the coronavirus epidemic.”

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This was the first message on social networks that he issued with details and warnings about the health contingency and at a time when the country reported an increase in the number of cases (12 dead and 717 infected as of this Friday).

The head of state pointed out that the government has the responsibility to guarantee the lives of Mexicans because the economy may fall further if they do not prevent it.

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López Obrador asked that the commitment, sacrifice and obedience to face the coronavirus be redoubled and asked the population to stay at home and keep a healthy distance.

The president pointed out that it is not about being isolated but with special care for older adults. He also spoke about prevention measures in work centers in the public and private sectors.

“If we do not take care of ourselves, if we do not retreat to our homes and take care of ourselves, then this can happen: the cases of infection are going to sore, the hospitals are going to saturate, the hospitals beds are not going to be enough, even when we are prepared to receive thousands, but this is going to surpass [our capacity],” warned the president.

If we do not prevent – he warned – we have more to lose, the economy may fall more. However, he indicated that you can go to the “tianguis (street market)”, to the markets, move carefully only to do the essentials.

“It is better to prevent than to regret and, therefore, my insistence that we protect ourselves and my insistence that it is time for communication and family solidarity, for fraternity, that we take care of our older adults,” he said.

Featured image: The President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, urged Mexicans to make efforts to curb Covid-19 infections. | Photo: La Jornada

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