Maduro Participated in Military Exercises: 50,000 New Popular Units of Integral Defense

The Venezuelan president, Nicolás Maduro Moros, announced on Tuesday the creation of 50 thousand Popular Units of Integral Defense (UPDI). The news was offered by the highest authority of the country while supervising, in the state Aragua, the practices and preparations of what will be military exercises “Soberanía 2019”, which will be celebrated throughout the country from 10 to 15 of February.

“I announce to the country of the formation of more 50,000 popular defense units in all the neighborhoods, towns, cities and villages of the country”, as a complement to the comprehensive defense work carried out by the Bolivarian National Armed Force (FANB), he added. For this, it ratified the goal of reaching the figure of two million militiamen before April 13 of this year.”

“The Bolivarian National Militia will be at the forefront of the training, training and training of men and women who are firmly determined to defend, if necessary even with their life, the independence of their nation and sovereignty, Let’s go militia, to organize the forces of the people,” he emphasized.

The initiatives to organize the people in the face of any threat are reflected in Article 326 of the Venezuelan Constitution, which states that “The security of the Nation is based on co-responsibility between the State and civil society, in order to comply with the principles of independence, democracy, equality, peace, freedom, justice, solidarity, environmental promotion and conservation and affirmation of human rights (…) The principle of co-responsibility is exercised on the economic, social, political, cultural, geographical, environmental and military spheres.”

On the other hand, President Maduro was highly satisfied with the level of organization of the Army. “Today Venezuela has a Bolivarian National Armed Forces that is more powerful and loyal to the country and the people to defend Venezuela’s right to peace and independence,” Maduro said.

“In my first six years of Commander in Chief, I promoted the military revolution to strengthen our technical, moral and technological capabilities of all kinds; to strengthen military power. Today I can say that Venezuela has a better and more powerful Bolivarian National Armed Force,” he said. He also pointed out that those who now make up the FANB are “loyal to the values of the homeland, with Bolívar, Guaicaipuro, the Negro Primero, Zamora, with the great Venezuelan roots. Loyal to the Constitution of the Republic and its mandates, with the noble people of Venezuela and their right to independence and peace, loyal to what the people of Venezuela decided in free elections, to become president of the Republic,” he said.

In the broadcast of Venezolana de Televisión (VTV), the Commander-in-Chief of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces, stressed the importance of keeping the military components mobilized and in operational deployment to defend the country from imperialist threats. He said that a coup against the country is being directed from Washington to divide the FANB and the country, with the objective of plundering the natural resources of Venezuela.

He also called on all the components that make up the FANB to maintain the highest level of discipline, cohesion, mobilization, so that with the civic-military union, Venezuela remains standing and sovereign, facing the imperialist threats.

Phase of deployment of civic-military exercises

The Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB), began this Tuesday a phase of deployment of Military Civic Exercises, in the state Aragua, towards the preparations for the “Bicentennial of Angostura 2019”, scheduled between 10 and 15 February. Anchored from the El Libertador Air Base, in the state of Aragua, the officers of the Bolivarian Military Aviation and the 42nd Parachute Infantry Brigade of the Bolivarian Army, showed the operational and technical capacity in aviation, parachuting, weapons system and logistics.

In this opportunity, 2 thousand 682 fighters participated, belonging to the Bolivarian Military Aviation, the Parachute Brigade of the Bolivarian Army and the Cadets corps the Comprehensive Defense Zone of the Aragua state.

With this sample, the commitment of the military institution in the defense of the national territory was ratified, which had the supervision of the Venezuelan President and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, Nicolás Maduro, who urged to strengthen the civic-military union.

“The Armed Forces generate admiration and pride in all Venezuelans. Maximum moral and commitment, maximum loyalty, maximum preparation and maintenance, maximum union of the Armed Force and maximum civic military union, the key to our victories,” he said.

In the company of the Vice President of Political Sovereignty, Vladimir Padrino López and the Operational Strategic Commander of the FANB, Remigio Ceballos, the president witnessed the maneuvers carried out by the paratroopers brigade, which sailed the sky of Aragua, with an air assault by the detachment of special forces. Showing his training the Venezuelan infantry left exposed the military operational sizing they offer to defend the homeland in any type of terrain.

In the third stop of the monitoring schedule, the military personnel presented a gift to their Commander in Chief, as a symbol of loyalty and union of the armed forces, in addition to the recognition of Nicolás Maduro as President of the Republic. “We are in a historic day, we are writing new history. We have to thank God (…) for allowing us to send a message of hope, security and protection to the people of Venezuela,” said Maduro.

With this military exhibition, Commander Ceballos, formally initiated the Military Civic Exercises, according to the instructions issued by the FANB Commander, which is deployed throughout the national territory.

“Our Bolivarian Army, our Bolivarian Navy, our Bolivarian Military Aviation, the Bolivarian National Guard and the Bolivarian Militia as a great popular weapon for the defense of the nation against any aggressor from any part of the world, here we are ready and willing to continue the struggle of the integral defense of the nation,” said Ceballos.

The Military Exercises “Bicentenario de Angostura 2019”, which will be held in homage to the 200 years of the Angostura Speech, will be developed under two modalities aimed at guaranteeing the training and cohesion of the FANB, as well as strengthening the defensive capacity of the territory.

Source URL: Alba Ciudad

Translated by JRE/AR

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