“Maduro Will be Around for a While”: Anti-Chavista Luis Vicente León Interviewed by Vladimir Villegas

The president of the polling firm Datanálisis, the anti-Chavista Luis Vicente León, said this Wednesday, June 17, that in Venezuela “Maduro will be around for a while,” but at the same time, there are also “many risks for him.”

Interviewed by journalist Vladimir Villegas, León stressed that President Maduro is more entrenched because he has managed to weaken the extremist opposition linked to Juan Guaidó, which has not achieved any of its stated goals.

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“The government managed to weaken the symbolism of Guaidó and the National Assembly (AN). The government is not going to save the skin of moderate opposition,” he said.

Faced with the continuing problems of the opposition and its marked division and lack of influence in the population, León said that “the opposition can only succeed in unity.”

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Regarding the upcoming parliamentary electoral process, he stated that “the government will never allow a transparent election being a minority.”

“I would like to be optimistic but this has reached the level of dissaster for the opposition,” he added.

In this sense, he warned that the extremist opposition linked to Guaidó will not go to the elections and will opt for chanting fraud and continue in the seditious plan to make it appear that there is a parallel State with a fake National Assembly.

“The G4 opposition will call for abstention and will opt for the continuity of the current AN (…) Guiadó will say that the elections are not valid and will bet on the continuity of the current AN. Guiadó in full control of the AN is not the same as outside it. Little by little, the opposition will become an external opposition,” he stressed.

(La IguanaTV)