Marco Rubio Proclaimed Himself Twitter’s Sanctioner in Chief

Florida Senator Marco Rubio has been trending on social media in recent days for starring in several acts of interference against sovereign countries.

In less than 48 hours, the US politician of Cuban descent threatened to impose an economic siege via sanctions on the Solomon Islands in the Caribbean, and gave a negative opinion about the partial agreements of the dialogue table between the government of Nicolás Maduro and the opposition in Venezuela, with mediation from Norway.

  • First, on September 16, he commented via Twitter that he would seek to impose sanctions on the economy of Solomon Islands. The reason? The Caribbean island government decided to cut off relations with Taiwan for the benefit of its relationship with China.
  • Subsequently, on September 18, he responded via Twitter to the anti-chavista politician Timoteo Zambrano, in view of the agreement, with the mediation of Norway, about the restructuring of the National Electoral Council (CNE). To which Rubio responded that the Bolivarian Government was seeking an “opposition to its measure.”

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But the answers were stronger. We review the most significant, through social networks and corporate media.

  • The Washington Post published an article entitled “For the madness of sanctions, Senator Rubio!” written by Professor Daniel W. Drezner. There, he states that imposing sanctions on the Solomon Islands would be an exaggerated reaction, and very counterproductive. “He argues that such sanctions can push the islands into the Chinese orbit, as has happened with Russia and Iran, for example.
    Similarly, many in social networks think that it is also an outburst of Rubio’s to state such threats.

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  • Timoteo Zambrano alleged that Rubio only cares about the electoral rating that worrying about Venezuela means in South Florida, revealing his true motivation around the gringo-Cuban’s interventionist agenda.

Featured image: Marco Rubio maintains an aggressive agenda on Venezuela and other Caribbean countries (Photo: Archive)

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Translated by JRE/EF



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