Military Deserters Protest Again in Cúcuta – Guaido is Not Paying His Dues

A group of Venezuelan military deserters, who are based in Cúcuta (Colombia), on Saturday staged a protest to demand the payment of 250 thousand pesos that Colombian authorities had promised them and that have not been paid.

According to former law enforcement and military men, they should have received three payments for the same amount, but so far they have only received one.

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The protest was carried out in front of the headquarters of the Risk Management office in Cucuta, where they were supposed to give them a card with which they could withdraw the second payment, explained Alfredo Gavilanes, one of the protesters.

However, neither scenario has materialized and they have not received a reason why they were unable to receive delivery of the rest of the promised money.

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“We were promised aid for supporting (Juan) Guaidó,” Gavilanes recalled.

Last June, the PanamPost newspaper revealed a plot of corruption that involved members of deputy Guaidó party, Voluntad Popular (VP), who would be responsible for the embezzlement of the “humanitarian aid” collected to address the Venezuelan crisis.

According to the investigation of the outlet, VP militants would have spent three million pesos a day on hotels, parties and clothes with the money that should be used to support deserters residing in Cúcuta.

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Translated by JRE/EF

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