Modern-Day Lynchings Take Place in United States as Six People of Color are Found Hanged

Dallas, June 19 (RHC)– U.S. authorities are now probing the recent hangings of six people of color in four states. Officials have ruled every case to be a suicide, but many fear some of the deaths might be modern-day lynchings.

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On Wednesday, police found a 17-year-old African American boy hanging from a tree in an elementary school playground in Spring, Texas. On Monday, a Latino man was found hanged in Houston. Hangings have also been reported in New York City; Portland, Oregon; and in the California cities of Victorville and Palmdale. Meanwhile, a hate crime probe has begun in Oakland, California, after five nooses were found hanging from trees in the city.


Featured image: Referential photo of a lynching against muslims in India. Courtesy of

(Radio Habana Cuba)