No Coronavirus Deaths in Venezuela for Almost One Month (49.9% Recovered)

This Friday Venezuelan minister for communication, Jorge Rodríguez, reported 4 new cases of Covid-19 coronavirus detected for a total of 459 cases. Of the four cases, two are from travelers who come from Chile and one from Ecuador; the other case is of community transmission. The cases were detected in La Guaira (2 people), Miranda (1 person) and Barinas (1 people). Rodríguez noted that there have been no deaths from Covid-19 in Venezuela since last April 19, and one of the two patients who were in intensive care units has already recovered.

Rodríguez reported that, of the 459 cases:

  • 229 cases are recovered (49.9 percent)
  • 98 are in hospitals
  • 104 are on CDI
  • 18 in private hospitals
  • The deceased remain at 10

Rodríguez reports that almost 80 percent of the cases that have recently entered Venezuela are people who return from Colombia, Brazil, Ecuador and Chile, for which reason President Nicolás Maduro ordered the strengthening of protocols for care and surveillance for Venezuelan migrants returning to Venezuela.

He enphasized the importance of not violating the voluntary quarantine. Many people tend to have a false sense of confidence because they believe the situation is under control, but it is dangerous to get too confident because there may be a flare-up or resurgence of coronavirus cases.

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He reported that Nueva Esparta state leads the cases with 130 in total, caused mainly by the violation of the quarantine at the baseball academy. Miranda state is second in the nation with 102 cases, Aragua has 47 cases, Capital District has 33 cases and La Guaira, 28 cases.

There have been 540,236 diagnostic tests for Covid-19 coronavirus, translating into 18,008 tests per million inhabitants.

He reported that, starting tomorrow, Saturday, a serological survey will begin: a research work in which a sample of people from the country will be measured if they have Covid-19 antibodies. In particular, immunoglobulin-G will be sought, the presence of which means that the person was in contact with the virus, was cured and has temporary immunity, and immunoglobulin-M, which would mean that the person has an infection at the time the test was done.

Venezuela without deaths from coronavirus since April 19
Rodríguez reported that Venezuela has not registered any new deceased from the new coronavirus since last April 19, when the fatality rate rose to ten. He pointed out that with these data, Venezuela becomes the country with the lowest case fatality rate in Latin America and the Caribbean.

In this sense, he presented a comparison made by the OurWorldInData website that presents statistics on the situation of the coronavirus on a global scale.

Confirmed cases per million inhabitants:

  • US 4,283 cases per million inhabitants
  • Peru: 2,444
  • Chile: 1,937
  • Ecuador: 1,728
  • Brazil: 954
  • Colombia: 247
  • Venezuela: 16
Deceased per million inhabitants:

  • USA: 259 deaths per million inhabitants
  • Ecuador: 132
  • Peru: 68
  • Brazil: 66
  • Chile: 19
  • Colombia: 10
  • Venezuela: 0.35

“That means that erratic measures cannot be taken, that partial measures cannot be taken, that timid measures cannot be taken. That human life is more important than commerce and airlines, than shopping centers and banks. That the measures Venezuela took under President Maduro’s guidance even before the first case of Covid-19 arrived by plane, has meant that we have managed to contain the spread of the virus,” stressed the head of the Ministry for Communication and Information.

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Confirmed cases per million inhabitants. Photo: Presidential Press
Deaths per million inhabitants. Photo: Presidential Press

This website – Jorge Rodríguez explained – shows how many cases of coronavirus per million inhabitants are found throughout the American continent.

Regarding a possible relaxation of the quarantine decreed in March by the national executive, Rodríguez stressed that “if the quarantine were lifted, in the matter of a month we would have more than 300 thousand cases.” Likewise, he explained that, if preventive measures had not been taken in time, the country would present a strong acceleration of cases, and the health system would collapse, as happened in other nations, especially the United States and Brazil.

Recovered patients. Courtesy Prensa Presidencial

“What would have happened in Venezuela if the radical social quarantine had not been taken? Today we would have almost 380,000 people infected by COVID-19, 22,000 people in intensive care units and more than 15,000 deaths, ” he emphasized.

Featured image: Venezuelan Minister for Communications Jorge Rodriguez. Courtesy Prensa Presidencial

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Translated by JRE/EF

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