One Arrest and Four Wanted in Former “Voluntad Popular” Alderman’s Assesination (+ Video)

The Minister for Internal Relations, Justice and Peace, Néstor Reverol, reported that four arrest warrants have been issued against persons allegedly linked to the murder of former Popular Will Councilor Edmundo Rada, which occurred on October 16. At a press conference, he said that this murder has been clarified, thanks to the confession of the ex-alderman’s ex-wife, Tibisay Virela Pérez, who after being arrested, said that Rada went to his house in the “Unión de Petare” neighborhood that day and had an argument with a man who was in the residence named Anderson Dávila Machado, who was his lover and who killed Rada.

In addition to Dávila Machado, as the material author of the crime, the police are looking for Anderson Xavier Cedeño García who participated in the transfer of the body, and other collaborators such as Nerio Otamendi Vásquez and Keiler Alberto Duarte Urbáez.

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The minister explained that from the moment that Rada’s body was found, a multidisciplinary team of the homicide directorate of the Body of Scientific, Criminal and Criminal Investigations (CICPC) initiated the investigation and managed to obtain videos and equipment linked to the murder of the former alderman.

Reverol showed a video that evidences when Rada went to a supermarket located in La Urbina, where he went to buy dog food, which was later taken to Tibisay Virela’s residence in the Unión neighborhood. There, the politician met Anderson Dávila Machado, with whom he argued and who later shot him in the head, which caused his death, according to the confession of Vilera Pérez.

He noted that this happened on October 16. “The body was in that residence about 15 hours, according to the expertise made by the researchers, who with luminol could detect the traces of blood found in the woman’s house, attesting that the former alderman was killed inside that residence” Reverol said.

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He explained that Anderson Miguel Dávila Machado, the 24-year-old material author of the homicide, with a police record for kidnapping, was also the driver of the motorcycle involved in moving the body to a vehicle and then set the body on fire to cover the crime.

Anderson Xavier Cedeño García, 21, has also been implicated in the fact, since he was a gang member of Dávila Machado when they removed Rada’s body from the residence in the Unión neighborhood, in the early hours of October 17.

Nerio José Otamendi Vasquez, 27, was another of the collaborators of the crime, because he got a vehicle, lent by a family member, to carry former alderman’s body. The other involved is Keiler Alberto Duarte Urbáez, 24, who accompanied the transfer and subsequent burning of the politician’s body.

The minister explained that they have already issued arrest warrants, both nationally and internationally, against those involved, who are already fully identified.

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A few minutes after the press conference, deputy Guaido released a communique from his imaginary presidency rejecting -without presenting any hard argumentation- the results of the investigation presented by Reverol.

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