Open Society: George Soros’ Façade for Investment and Plunder

By Misión Verdad  –  Apr 22, 2021

A vast network of NGOs has been deployed around the globe in recent decades, many of them under the direct influence of George Soros’ foundations, not only to position narratives that serve local media and foreign interests in a country, but even to influence the legal frameworks of representative democracies.

In Venezuela, the non-governmental organization with the greatest media presence and with the ability to open [legal] dockets, is the Venezuelan Education-Action Program, better known by its acronym PROVEA. Misión Verdad has sufficiently denounced the actions of this NGO, both internally and internationally.

What are its intentions, disguised as philanthropy in their own version of wishful thinking? It would be necessary to familiarize oneself with the character running the show.

Who is George Soros?
We will highlight some aspects of Soros’s biography to provide a basic profile.

Hungarian by birth, and born with the name Gyorgy Schwartz, he lived until his adolescence in that European country. With the “joy” of the Wehrmacht’s invasion of Hungary in 1944, Schwartz reportedly collaborated with the Nazis, handing over Jews to transfer them to concentration camps, helping to steal and catalog their properties. He was only 14 years old.

After the Soviet victory against the Nazis in 1945, Soros went to London to study economics in the mid-1950s. There he met the philosopher Karl Popper, who would influence his libertarian vision of politics and plug the theoretical void behind his financial ambitions. He went into action with Singer & Friedlander Bank in London, then moved to the United States to work with FM Mayer in New York. He made his financial master stroke with his own speculative foundation, the Quantum Fund, which is still his primary base of operations, but which served mainly to break the British pound. Thus Soros took in his first trillion with the application of his maxim: “Find a trend whose premise is false, and bet your money against it.”

The deployment of its NGOs is in line with its ambitions for financial expansion, which is why it has based its project on concepts of society and economy as proclaimed by Popper, encouraging representative democracies that develop with a minimum of State and a maximum of market.

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In 1993 Soros founded the Open Society Institute, whose funding system became a global structure and was called Open Society Foundations. The open society took the form of financial movements, and behind the curtain lobbies of banks and investment funds move alongside the institutions that legalize them: the IMF and the World Bank under the orders of Washington and Wall Street. Soros is a member of the Carlyle Group, a cartel of rich people who want to get richer.

The Open Society concept
Soros himself wrote and published a book in 2000, Open Society: Reforming Global Capitalism, in which describes the open societies that he fosters with the NGO movement. The open society “has the great merit of ensuring freedom of thought and expression, giving a wide spectrum to experimentation and creativity.” It refers, of course, to those societies in which capitalist penetration occurs seamlessly, without meeting resistance, in certain regions in which conditions are subjected to what technocrats call the “free market.”

Soros suggests that “the United States, European Union, and many other parts of the world are coming close to classifying themselves as open societies.” Furthermore, “the concepts of open society and market economy are intimately connected, and global capitalism has given us the closest thing to an open global society.” The ideal open society “is open to change and improvement.” In short, financial turbo-capitalism as a dogma of faith.

NGOs that he finances through his foundation would be the political and legal pillars to preach this “market fundamentalism,” as he himself calls it. Democracy without a protectionist state would be a front with which to create “the laws and institutions that are necessary for the coexistence of the plethora of individuals and the multiplicity of communities—a global society could arrive.”

Despite all the pitfalls that the capitalist invasion presents for “virgin” territories destined exclusively for the extraction of raw materials, such as the Latin American countries or the industrialized semi-fiefdoms of Eastern Europe—which we are familiar with—this rhetoric propagated itself in those areas infected by NGOs with Open Society Foundations checks, in which Soros’ people spread this “ethos” of the evil State against the good citizens, and the separation of powers—typical ideological mirrors employed by the defenders of representative democracy, or of what’s left of it.

A society that includes unscrupulous individuals, open to the market (controlled by Anglo-Saxon corporations and banks, with no relation to BRICS or other alternatives), and with the culturicide of entire peoples and regions left behind as a broken landscape—that is the true picture of the open society.

The structural scope of Open Society-funded NGO.
It is not by chance that Putin expelled the Soros foundation from Russian soil in 2003, because the goal of the serial speculator is to “strengthen an open global society,” which is why its flagship organizations are the think tank International Crisis Group, recognized for its reports on extreme situations and chaos in war zones, and Human Rights Watch, the big brother of PROVEA.

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According to Soros, this society have to be accepted across the entire world: “It has to be global in scope and it has to be able to have an impact on how governments and international institutions conduct themselves.” The benefit, of course, does not go to the 99% of the population, but to the remaining few.

The Open Society, a group of autonomous foundations and organizations in more than 50 countries, is the institutional launchpad of Soros’s “aid” for trying to implode the former Soviet and Eastern European countries (Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Poland), and whose NGOs would embed themselves in countries like Latvia and Georgia, as researcher Phil Butler relates, where Soros foundations “operate like any Soros investment fund. Target, invest, and gather more investors, to control until the project matures.”

The color revolution in Macedonia, the attempts to establish a Nazi Ukraine to invade Putin’s Russia under the table, and even the use of NGOs—with which Soros does big business, particularly with mainstay Natural Resource Governance Institute—for blocking the construction of pipelines and dams that suit China and Myanmar and not their investors, are some ongoing historic examples of how non-governmental organizations operate with this vision of open society.

After Soros donated millions to Human Rights Watch, this institution sought to prosecute Colonel Gaddafi at the international level, just as it did with Milosevic for “war crimes” and “crimes against humanity” in the Kosovo case. A broad campaign was deployed and both countries, Libya and Yugoslavia, were mined and bombed by NATO.

Open Society has a common project for Latin America and the Caribbean, with a single office in Brazil in charge of coordinating the deployment of its NGOs throughout the region. The objective is based on neoliberalization from Cabo de San Román to Tierra del Fuego with the financial mechanisms of Soros: a society open to the pockets of the financiers of world chaos. The “Venezuelan” Moisés Naím, a globalized fascist who proclaims the “end of power” as a euphemism for the globalist penetration of the entire planet, is part of its international board of directors.

The balkanization of the world is a leitmotif for Soros. Thus, his demonstrated alliance with the CIA to destabilize Europe, and involvement in the so-called “refugee crisis,” together with his think tanks, and the concept of “open borders” under his wing, Soros has been a financier of the Merkel Plan for the migration problem facing Europe for years.

Soros, faced with the serious decline of the financial world, is struggling to keep his head above water, and redefining his policies in favor of chaos, where he feels sure to generate more profits, supported by these NGOs that he himself controls financially. In the final analysis, he is a speculator with baggy pockets, a manipulator of counterfeit coins.


Featured image: Financial speculator George Soros has multiple interests around the world (Photo: Juan Díaz / Misión Verdad).

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