“Operation Libertad” Advances “Premiere” Fails at the Box Office

As in that movie by Carlos Azpúrua, this April 30 “Amanecio de Golpe” (Coup at Dawn); but it was not such a coup, only an attempt.

By Mercedes Chacin

With the rush that produces this message: “Neighbors, water will be placed from 6:00 am to 6:20 am”, I did not see the phone early because, in addition, we walk in a voluntary information detoxification (a minimum one, the drug is needed). The call came with the typical question: -You don’t know? -No, what happened? And the movie started all at once. The news came through a tweet from Jorge Rodríguez. “At the moment we are facing and deactivating a small group of traitor military personnel who positioned themselves in the Altamira exit (in the Francisco Fajardo highway) to promote a coup d’etat.” After Juan Guaidó “ordered” the agents of Sebin who were guarding Leopoldo López, to release him. With this unreal, virtual epic, in which a false president gives orders and some traitors obey him, the lie begins to be launched, to build the appropriate script to launch to the world fake news: “Coup in Venezuela”.


The Plot
With the dawn breaking, the narrative began to be put together, and at ten o’clock in the morning it was deflating. Only the opposition people remained in the street, especially in the vicinity of the Altamira exit. The staging set up by Guaidó and López, in the very first and close close-ups, gave the main camera shot: Guaidó with his flux of self-proclaimed, surrounded by a few soldiers. Twelve. Fifteen. 20. 30? Then, a video of the patriotic military first lieutenant Jairo Betelmy in which he explained with extreme detail how they deceived them to go to Altamira with the excuse that they were going to Tocorón Penitenciary to prevent the release of some prisoners armed with rifles. Those involved in the deception were, according to the statements of First Lieutenant Betelmy, Major Rafael Pablo Soto Manzanares, Major Sequera and Colonel Ilich Sánchez, commander of the Detachment of the Bolivarian National Guard of the Federal Legislative Palace, who in the end was “consecrated” with his performance. He was like the military leader of the attempt. Betelmy stressed that the meeting place to go to Tocorón was the Altamira distributor. It is a perfect “location”. It is next to a military installation, it has few buildings around it. No one would think of a coup, that they are up in arms and that the end of the “regime” is near. With that “lyric” go out to overthrow the constitutional president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, who is called dictator by the work and grace of the opposition leadership and right-wing and ultra-rightist media.


In another scene of the film baptized with the original nothing title “Operation Freedom” (whose premiere was scheduled for May 1, 2019), we saw Edgard Zambrano, first vice president of the National Assembly (in contempt), reach the Highway and give two emotional and long embraces, first to the escapee of his house arrest, Lopez, and then to the self-proclaimed Guaidó.


Dramatic knot
The support of the opposition people to the military near Altamira remained until the close of this extra editorial. But beyond the bad acting, the betrayal of the Homeland, the nonsense, the support for a virtual coup (reminiscent of the Green Square in Libya) the only real news was the escape of Leopoldo López and his asylum in the Chilean Embassy in Caracas, and common sense makes us wonder: how a supposed president asks his “own” soldiers to give a coup? A self-proclaimed self-coup? Fantasy surpasses reality. To be continued. The fury continues.

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Translated by JRE\EFA

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