Opposition Activist to Guaido Calling for Looting: “Brother, Are You Going Crazy”

The right-wing journalist Leocenis García publicly criticized deputy Juan Guaidó, who through his Twitter account recently called his followers to loot shops. “Brother, are you going crazy?” is part of the rebuke that the communicator made to the parliamentarian.

“I demand you as a Venezuelan, to rectify this message. Private property is untouchable. Plunder is stealing. And that is not justifiable under any circumstances”, says one of the messages that Garcia posted on his profile in the aforementioned social network.

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In another tweet he states: “Sacking is stealing. I call on the neighborhoods to repudiate and subject to derision every Venezuelan who acts out that practice. Looting is unacceptable under any circumstances. ”




Source URL: La IguanaTV

Translated by JRE/EF%