PDVSA La Estancia Invitation to Participate in a Popular Dance Workshop

PDVSA La Estancia, the social, cultural and heritage revaluation arm of the oil industry, invites all to participate in the Dance Workshops that will be taught every Thursday from 4 to 5 pm, at its headquarters in Altamira.

The workshop will begin this Friday, February 8, where attendees will have the opportunity to learn and develop their artistic aptitudes in different types of popular and traditional dances, as well as other dance genres of the Caribbean.

The activity will be taught by Marcos Graterol, a notable dancer with a career of 40 years in the cultural field, who was trained in the Folkloric Ballet “El Ditirambo de Caracas”, where he had the opportunity to represent the country at international and national festivals, highly elevating our artistic potential.

Among the rhythms that will be taught are the salsa, bachata, Venezuelan and Dominican merengue, samba, Arabic, drum, joropo, dance therapy and native rhythms of the region.

Also, each week a different style of dance will be implemented, where each class will learn a different rhythm, gender and style. The workshop will be developed with basic steps for beginners from 12 years old.

This cycle will begin with the calypso and samba rhythms, in order to continue developing the others each month. On the other hand, the participants will be able to know the origin of each dance, as well as having a space to learn characteristic steps of the rhythm and thus mix the theory with the practice.

Once again, PDVSA La Estancia offers, free of charge, the best entertainment and variety in activities planned for the enjoyment of the whole Venezuelan family, meeting every weekend in the spaces of Altamira, to enjoy the wide musical and cultural bill that is offered to all in revolution.

Source URL: Alba Ciudad

Translated by JRE/EF

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