Piñera Tries to Use Mega Demonstration in Santiago in His Favor But Twitter Users Say Go!

The president of Chile, Sebastián Piñera, commented Friday night on Twitter about the historic march carried out by more than one million people in Santiago, however, he evaded addressing the main demand of the demonstration: his resignation from office.

“The massive, joyful and peaceful march today, where Chileans ask for a more just and supportive Chile, opens great paths for the future and hope,” wrote the head of state of the South American country on the social network about the largest citizen concentration since the return to democracy.

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Piñera said: “We have all heard the message. We have all changed. With unity and help from God, we will walk the road to that better Chile for all.” The demonstration, which brought together more than one million people in Santiago, according to government figures, demanded that the Armed Forces return to their barracks, laws against the people be withdrawn, a Constituent Assembly for a new Magna Carta and, especially, Piñera’s resignation.

In the same Twitter network, several users responded to the tweet of the Chilean ruler. The user @ Vitalicio7020, for example, wrote: “Do not get in the car, this march is against you and your government.”

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User @ClaudiaDides replied: “At least have decency and dignity and give up, you have your hands stained with blood. You have no right to make fun of the people who are telling you to go # RenunciaPiñera # ChileDecided”.

Since the beginning of protests in Chile last week, first against the increase in the price of subway fares and then against the neoliberal policies of Piñera, 17 deaths have been reported, according to data from the Prosecutor’s Office.

The popular discontent grew on October 18 before the “mass evasion” convened mainly by students, who urged against paying the new subway fare in the metropolitan region.

However, the militarized police, the Carabineros, strongly repressed the students and organizations that joined the protest; then, faced with the resurgence of violence, Piñera decreed a state of emergency and curfew in some cities, launching military troops to the streets.

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