President Daniel Ortega Inauguration: International Delegations Arrive in Nicaragua

Delegations from at least 21 countries, including heads of state and foreign ministers, attended today’s inauguration of Daniel Ortega as president of Nicaragua.

President of Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canel, was the first of world leaders and high-level personalities to arrive in Managua to attend the swearing-in ceremony of Daniel Ortega as president, after he was re-elected on November 7 with more than 76% of the vote.

Upon his arrival at the Augusto C. Sandino international airport, the Cuban president affirmed that this victory has enormous significance for the forces of the left and progressive governments in Latin America and the Caribbean.

“It is a victory that also demonstrates the anti-imperialist conviction of the Nicaraguan people and the decision to continue advancing in the profound political, social, and economic transformations led by the government of reconciliation and national unity,” Diaz-Canel said.

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro, upon arriving in Managua, congratulated Daniel Ortega and the Nicaraguan people for strengthening their democracy with the November elections. “We come with the spirit of brotherhood and solidarity, with the spirit of Bolívar and Commander Hugo Chávez,” President Maduro said.

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“We congratulate the Nicaraguan people,” President Maduro stated. “The election of Daniel Ortega demonstrates the strength of their democracy. We are in the Nicaragua that we love and admire so much—a Nicaragua that has been standing against empires and is now on its way to peace and development.”

The inauguration of Daniel Ortega took place in the Plaza de la Revolución, in the northwest of the capital Managua.

Nicaragua’s Vice President Rosario Murillo indicated last Thursday that delegations from at least 21 countries, including heads of state and foreign ministers, would participate in the event.

Among the delegations that confirmed their attendance were attendees from China, North Korea, Iran, Russia, and Syria.

During the event, President Ortega confirmed that Nicaragua and China signed strategic agreements recently. Among these was the inclusion of Nicaragua into the Belt and Road Initiative.

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Belarus, Bolivia, Cuba, Mexico, Argentina, Turkey, Venezuela, and Vietnam also indicated earlier that they would send official representation to the inauguration in Nicaragua.

The people of the Central American nation will solemnly reaffirm their support for the social programs promoted by Ortega’s Sandinista government, stated Vice President Murillo. Over the last 15 years, these have included initiatives to support employment, peace, the common good, and the model of democracy, complementarity, and solidarity.

Murillo assured that the ceremony corresponds to the provisions of the Constitution of the Republic and represents victory over evil, hatred, discord, conflict, and separation, after the violent events of 2018 and the attempted coup against President Daniel Ortega.

With this inauguration, Daniel Ortega reaches 26 years in power, the Nicaraguan president with the longest time in the presidential chair via democratic support through elections. Ortega was president from 1979 until 1990, and again since 2007. Daniel Ortega will assume his fifth five-year term, the fourth consecutive, and the second alongside his wife Rosario Murillo as vice president of the country.


Featured image: With this new inauguration, Daniel Ortega will become the Nicaraguan president with the longest time of popular support. Photo: Prensa Latina.

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