President Maduro: “With the Carnet de la Patria we have Optimized the Distribution of National Wealth”

The Carnet de la Patria has allowed the distribution of national wealth in an equitable manner, said on Saturday the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro Moros, through a message on his official Twitter account, two years after the start of the program.

The President wrote: “With the Carnet de la Patria we have optimized the distribution of national wealth in an efficient and equitable manner. We will continue perfecting the wonderful Social Care System for our people. You can always do more! ”

The Carnet de la patria is a policy implemented by the Government in January 2017, which serves as an electronic tool that seeks to strengthen social inclusion policies, and simplify access to the people to the State’s attention policies. Currently there are more than 18 million registered.

To be more precise with this system millions of Venezuelans receive direct subsidies that have been designed to avoid the price controls that promote scarcity a few year ago. The System is currently use to make payments of pensions, for the payment of the differential of salary increases that the government has assume to relieve the burden of payrolls for small and medium enterprises, and even is being use to allow citizens to buy petros and gold certificates and those mechanisms are used widely by Venezuelans lately to protect themselves from the hyper inflation and economic war.

Source URL: Correo de Orinoco with OT content

Translated by JRE/AR

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