Rescuing Robin

By Earle Herrera –  May 29, 2020

Something strange was happening on the screen before AT&T took Directv from the blockaded Venezuela. The problem was not the soccer TV show that someone told Pompeo  “Venezuelans allegedly love.” The thing is more realistic and less football-like. It was not featured by the channels sanctioned by the US (Globovisión and Pdvsa TV), but by RT (Russia Today) and Telesur. On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the end of the Second World War, these news outlets devoted themselves to casting history as it is and not as told by Natgeo, CNN or Woody Woodpecker.

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If the death of a hero hurts, that of superheroes devastates. Much more if reality kills them, being fictional characters, prefabricated by Hollywood or Disney. This was done by Telesur and RT, by telling and showing the world that it was the Soviet Union, the heroic USSR, that defeated Nazi Germany and that the troops that reached the Reichstag and Auschwitz were under the supreme command of a man named Stalin. The rest is cinema, “Platoon” and Netflix.

What these channels narrated in the face of 75 years of lies, was corroborated by a coronavirus. The pandemic that ravages the world opened the opportunity for superheroes to appear, but they were frightened by an invisible bug, the covid-19. Spiderman, Batman, Superman, they were all horrified. The heroes in white robes were simply anonymous citizens or citizens of countries that Hollywood sold as enemies of their superheroes (China, Russia, Cuba). The pandemic reality told another story: the villains of the West were the heroes and vice versa.

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In Venezuela, things reached intolerable levels. A fishing village caught not one, but two Rambos. That had already happened in Vietnam, but Hollywood perpetrated another story and the regular gringo swallowed it all with popcorn. It was too much. A coronavirus and some fishermen supported what Telesur and RT were transmitting. It was urgent to rescue Robin, Superman and his misogynist Clark Kent, so that he could write his story. The first step would be to provoke an information blackout by removing those channels from the air. But it was too late. The infected New York, more than for Superman, begged for masks. Not even Batman remembered Robin, passed out on the side of a field hospital, in front of CNN.


Featured image: Courtesy of Comic Book Nostalgia @CBNostalgia, twitter.

Source URL: RedRadioVE

Translated by JRE/EF



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Earle Herrera
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Earle Herrera (born April 23, 1949) is a Venezuelan journalist and politician. He was elected to the 2017 Constituent National Assembly

Earle Herrera

Earle Herrera (born April 23, 1949) is a Venezuelan journalist and politician. He was elected to the 2017 Constituent National Assembly