Fifth Iranian Tanker “Clavel” Enters Venezuelan Waters

The Iranian oil tanker, Clavel, the last vessel in the fleet of five Iranian oil tankers enters Venezuelan waters to deliver its cargo.

The Iranian oil tanker Clavel, the last vessel in the fleet of five Iranian oil tankers loaded with oil products from the port of Shahid Rajaei in southern Iran to Venezuela, will enter Venezuela’s exclusive economic waters on Sunday.

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Image showing the current position of Iranian tankers in Venezuela. Courtesy of @BigOceanData

Four other ships, Fortune, Forest, Foxon and Petunia, have been unloading at various ports in Venezuela in recent days.

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The tankers are delivering gasoline for distribution centers in various Venezuelan cities, reducing the fuel shortages affecting millions of Venezuelans in recent months as a direct result of US sanctions.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has sent five fuel tankers to support the Venezuelan government and people, which are under US economic sanctions. The Iranian tanker Petunia crossed the Caribbean Sea earlier on Tuesday, following the same route as vessels Fortune and Forest. The Fortune arrived last Monday at a port serving PDVSA’s El Palito refinery.


Source URL: Iran Press

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