Is the Bolivarian Breeze or the Sao Paulo Forum Behind the Uprising in the US?

Users of social networks spread this Saturday, May 30, the image of a person wearing a T-shirt with the iconic image of Commander Hugo Chávez’s eyes in the midst of the protests that took place in the vicinity of the White House, in the United States in protest for the killing of 46-year-old African American citizen George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer that have ignite an uprising all over the US.

Internet users detailed that the photograph was captured by Fox News and some anti-Chavistas described the presence of the person as a “Chavista infiltrator”, so that certain revolutionaries stepped out to reject such falsehood and raise questions on the subject: “infiltrated with a shirt of Chavez, their brains melted with that analysis.” Others said that it is not a T-shirt , but that “Chávez is in the eyes of the world.”

The old fake news about the incursion of Chavistas during protests from countries in Latin america

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However, these misplaced comments are related to previous cases happening in countries in the region whose rulers such as those of Colombia, Ecuador and Chile accused President Nicolás Maduro of an alleged “interference in the protests” as a way to not recognizes their own unpopularity and the result of their neoliberal policies.

However, the media showed the world the reality that occurred when the people in those countries took to the streets to protest against the package of Lenín Moreno, the neoliberal policies of Sebastián Piñera and in the case of Colombia when the Colombian university students requested more budget for the education.

Saturday in the afternoon the person spotted by Fox News with the Chavez t-shirt went public and identified himself. It was the awarded US journalist Max Blumenthal and editor of the website The GrayZone who happens to live in Washington DC and was covering the massive protests in front of the White House the night before as he explained in its own twitter account.

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The worst came when extreme right Venezuelan fugitive, Julio Borges, posted a tweet blaming Venezuelan government as instigator of the massive nation wide protest against the culture of police brutality, racism and impunity in the US.

He wrote: “Again the ‘regime’ is shown as sponsoring destabilization, now in the US. The ‘dictatorship’ uses media and thugs to promote violence. Maduro is a threat to democracy in the hemisphere, that is why we should focus on taking him out of power,” in a tweet only showing in reality their level of desperation after almost  18 month of fails after fails in their efforts to oust President Maduro.

The tweet is also an evidence of their level of desperation to receive any sort of attention to keep their campaign that have only benefit him and his accomplishes pocketing all the money they and the US regime have looted from Venezuelan people.


Featured image: Hugo Chavez eyes art. Chavez represent for millions of  Venezuelans and allover the world a hope for a better world that is the real reason why some of those fighting for a just system in the US might be inspired by him, or Fidel Castro or Che Guevara, or Lenin or Stalin.

Source URL: La IguanaTV with OT content

Translated and edited by JRE



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