Rosario Murillo – Remembering Chuck Kaufman

By Rosario Murillo, Vice President of Nicaragua – Dec 29, 2021

We would like to begin this midday address by greeting the family of our dear comrade Chuck Kaufman, who passed away suddenly this morning. Those sudden deaths hurt so much, but after all, they are deaths without suffering for the person who leaves us.

We understand that he passed away while having breakfast this morning, passing to another Plane of Life at the age of 69. In March he would have turned 70. He had dedicated his whole life to fighting for the sovereignty of the peoples—a “good gringo,” as President Chavez used to say—fighting alongside peoples defending the right to determine our own destinies.

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Today, as he departs to that other plane where love will reunite us, we petition Christ the Redeemer and Savior of the World, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, for his eternal rest. Will we rest, or will we continue to support the causes of justice and peace? One knows, one feels, one receives those mysterious, miraculous and prodigious signs of the beloved beings who pass to another Plane of Life.

Our recognition, affection, respect and homage to the family, friends, and compañeras and compañeros of Chuck, whose organization, the Alliance for Global Justice, will be with us in the coming days celebrating the new period of the people-president, participating in the opening, the inauguration of this new period. He will be with us in spirit, with all his compañeras and compañeros in the struggle, who have already confirmed that they will accompany us on that bright, auspicious day for our sacred, blessed, forever sovereign, dignified and free Nicaragua.



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