Russia praises Cuba for defeating US blockade policies

Russia will continue to work “shoulder to shoulder” with Cuba that has left unsuccessful US pressure and blockade policies, says a senior Russian official.

“Cuba is an authority in all corners and regions of our planet. […] The word of Cuba is very valuable and we are close, we are shoulder to shoulder with solidarity, with mutual support, that is the main patrimony of Cuban-Russian relations and we are going to multiply it, “he emphasized on Saturday. Said the Russian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sergey Ryabkov.

In declarations given to the Cuban news agency Prensa Latina, the Russian diplomat highlighted the resistance that the Cuban nation has shown throughout history in the face of hostilities by the United States and asserted that this oppressive policy is doomed to failure.

“As happened in other stages of the history of the Cuban Revolution, the current period of worsening of US pressure and attempts to harm the people of Cuba and its government also lack any success,” he added.

After the triumph of the Cuban Revolution in 1959, the US cut diplomatic ties with Cuba and later imposed an economic blockade that has caused material damage over the last year for more than 4 billion dollars, according to the Government of Havana.

“Sociopolitical machination” in Venezuela

Riabkov also warned of US attempts. and its regional allies to create a parallel power to the Government in Venezuela and considered this destabilizing measure as a “socio-political machination”.

“Venezuela is not a testing ground, it is not a place for such experiments,” he said while reiterating Moscow’s “unconditional support” for the “legitimate power” of Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro and his government. The Russian deputy foreign minister rejected any foreign interference in the affairs of the Bolivarian country and advocated the “internal dialogue” as the only way to overcome the discord.

The president of the Venezuelan National Assembly (AN), the opposition Juan Guaidó, declared Maduro’s new government “illegitimate” and promised to “create the conditions for a transitional government and call for free elections.” Some countries and regional blocs, such as the so-called Lima Group and the Organization of American States (OAS), did not hesitate to express their support for Guaidó and proposed that the Presidency be transferred provisionally to the National Assembly until new elections are held .

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Translated by JRE