Russia’s Zakharova: Outrageous IMF Rejection of Venezuelan Request (Covid-19)

Caracas, March 23, 2020 (Orinoco Tribune).- Last Thursday, March 19, Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova labeled information of an alleged International Monetary Fund denial of a Venezuelan Request of a line of credit to fight Coronavirus, as “outrageous”.

“I would also like to say that in principle, the situation with the coronavirus pandemic is a real test of humanity, including in international affairs. This is a test of your and our ability to remain human in the hardest times. I mean not only the ability and readiness of each individual, but of countries too, to act responsibly and in solidarity when we face new global challenges that defy national borders,” she said.

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“I cannot but note the absolutely outrageous case of Venezuela and its relations with the IMF. As everyone knows, the IMF has raised substantial funds (up to $1 trillion) to help countries deal with the coronavirus outbreak. Caracas submitted a $5 billion application signed by President Nicolas Maduro to the IMF Managing Director. And now the IMF representative says that the Fund “is not in a position to consider this request […] There is no clarity on recognition at this time” regarding the Venezuelan government among some of the IMF member states,” said the Russian diplomat referring to a news story disseminated by Associated Press (AP) but not supported in any formal statement or documents.

“For over a year or even several years we have been constantly hearing statements of concern about human rights and about the actions of the international community for the benefit of ordinary people in Venezuela,” said the spokeswoman referring to the so called “humanitarian crisis” US interventionist strategy.

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In reference to US illegal sanctions against the Venezuelan people, the diplomat mentioned “US officials’ statements on their intention to further toughen sanctions against Venezuela. They are even discussing the possibility of a naval blockade…Who is going to be affected by this policy? The ordinary people, the ordinary Venezuelans. This is typical hypocrisy.”

Talking in the Covid-19 outbreak Zakharova said: “Global challenges call for global and non-politicalised responses. We have noted that in response to Nicolas Maduro’s appeal to South American neighbours to forget political differences, at least for some time, and establish interaction to prevent the spread of the infection across the borders, some first contacts have been made in the form of videoconferences. This is a good sign, although it is clearly insufficient. Expert coordination by the Pan-American Health Organization, however important it can be, cannot reduce the importance of coordination at an (direct) interstate level. The coronavirus is unimpressed by countries’ political differences and their views on democracy. Discussions on these subjects can well be postponed until the lives and health of tens of thousands of Venezuelans, Colombians and citizens of other countries are saved.”




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